Hello! My name is Emma, 36yo, mum of one boy, little b. We live in the South West – Weston-super-Mare to be precise. Or Weston-super-Mud to be super super precise. You can read a bit more about why I like living in Weston here 🙂

The blog started out as a way to document the fun food me and b make (and eat!). We arrange, mostly fruit and veggies, into cute/quirky/pants (take your pick) edible works of art. Note, I am a working mummy so I really don’t have time to faff on in the kitchen. I’ve always been an awful (aka lazy) cook but I need to up my game now for b.

I want to make good food fun for him, an experience, a pleasure. And not junk food but healthy food that I may even be inspired to eat myself. I hope to inspire you and show you that you don’t need loads of time and an art degree to get creative in the kitchen. By having a few items to hand, you can create culinary masterpieces in no time. Not just for special occasions and parties, but every day!

B and I like to get out and about too, exploring the local area and treating ourselves to holidays when we can! I used to travel a lot pre-b but I find it a lot easier to keep it simple. I document the pros of living in such a beautiful country 🙂 The grass isn’t greener and all ey 😉 I also talk a lot about the general ups and downs of being a mummy and share some of my fun times and crappy times with you 🙂

So welcome. Take a look around and try a few ideas out – you may surprise yourself.  If you want to get in contact, please email me at meandbmaketea@yahoo.co.uk or follow us on all the usual social media platforms! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest ! Or take a look at my Contact page and ask me for a media pack 🙂

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