IKEA Furniture Ideal for Lego Storage

IKEA Furniture Ideal for Lego Storage

I love Christmas for seeing family and friends. I don’t love Christmas as much for all the toys we get, and that’s regardless of asking people not to get too much stuff. I gift a lot to school/nursery and charity shops but we still end up with lots. And LEGO is a real pain in the bum when it comes to storing it correctly. And that’s what brings me to writing this post on IKEA furniture hacks, specifically for storing LEGO. Whether you want to show off your LEGO collection, or simply store the bricks and base plates by colour or size, IKEA has so many awesome pieces which are ideal for storing LEGO. Let’s take a look:

how to use ikea furniture to make storage for childrens lego sets and collections

IKEA Trofast Bins 

These are great for sorting your LEGO either by colour or size. Or even set. The Handy Man’s Daughter shows you how to create a LEGO desk using Trofast bins.

DIY Lego desk using IKEA Trofast Bins

Another inspiring idea using the Trofast bins is this one from The Gingerbread House blog. Everything is neat, tidy and packed away, all labelled. Plus the top makes a great place to show off your finished models.

trofast lego storage table for kids bedroom

IKEA Trofast Tables 

As well as the bins, the IKEA Trofast tables can easily be turned into cool LEGO tables. This IKEA hack is perfect for kids with a lot of LEGO. Again, image and tutorial courtesy of The Handy Man’s Daughter.

IKEA LEgo storage table using IKEA trofast tables

Lego Tray Organizer

These trays from IKEA also make great organizers for the smaller LEGO pieces you’ll have lying around the house. And if your kids are anything like mine, we have a tonne of small things which often get stepped on or sucked up by the hoover. Using a tray is a great way of keeping them in one place and it also means you can transport your LEGO projects from the lounge, back to the toy room or bedroom!

DIY lego tray using IKEA storage kitchen trays


Ah, the LACK range. When Jon and I moved into our first home, I think everything we owned was LACK. The LACK coffee tables, the square storage units. And they are handy now for chucking all the kid’s toys in too. By glueing some base plates onto the tables, you can easily make a very handy LEGO table. Full instructions on how to make the following here.

DIY lego table using base plates and lack range tables

And here’s a fab idea using the LACK coffee table and integrating underneath storage. LEGO table using the ikea lack range and including under storage

GLIS Boxes

There are so many small pieces when it comes to LEGO sets. And they can quite quickly end up all over the place. IKEA have so many storage boxes and solutions for keeping stuff tidy, but I love these GLIS boxes.

TROFAST Storage Cart

Again, the Trofast range works well to make this cute cart. LEGO on wheels! If you’re into a bit of DIY then this tutorial is worth a go.

Trofast lego cart on wheels

The BYGGLEK collection

The BYGGLEK LEGO storage range is brand new and I just had to get B some for his room! They are stackable and you can use them to make little LEGO houses for your minifigures.

bygglek lego storage solutions from ikea

IKEA have so many awesome items that, to be honest, I could probably include a lot more hacks. Have you got any to share? Head over to social and tag me in there, or let me know in the comments. And don’t forget to pin for later too.

how to use ikea furniture to make storage for childrens lego sets and collections

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