Funatic Foam – Make Bath Time Fun Time!

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Funatic Foam – Make Bath Time Fun Time!

Do you ever struggle to get your little one in the bath or shower? Since B has gotten older, he’d rather play with his toys out of the bath rather than in! He’s just not fussed with having a bath or a shower! So when we got a chance to try out Funatic Foam, we were excited to use them as a fun reason to get showered!

funatic foam bath and shower review

What is Funatic Foam?

Funatic Foam is essentially soap in a spray can. And what child wouldn’t find that fun ey. B absolutely loves spraying anything, and has a fascination with my deodorants and dry shampoo cans. When I told him he got to play with these in the bath and shower, he was super excited. The best bit for me – because it’s actually soap, it’s serving a purpose too.

funatic foam bath and shower review - foam spray on wall

Funatic Foam comes in three yummy scents – Blue Bubblegum, Green Apple and Pink Berry. We tried out the blue and green cans. Both smelt really good. The foam sprays out a light green and light blue, and easily washes off the tiles.

funatic foam bath and shower review - foam on boys hand

Super Soap Sprays!

Funatic Foam comes in a can with a trigger nozzle. Break the plastic tip off and give the can a shake first. To activate, just pull the trigger. It’s very easy to use and B could so this himself without any help.

funatic foam bath and shower review - foam on boys hand

The foam spray comes out looking a bit like shaving foam, without that yucky smell. It lathers up on a sponge or in the hands to the be used for washing. It smells lovely too. I really like the Green Apple. B prefers the Blue Bubblegum.

The foam can be sprayed up to 3 meters – I’m not sure I want that going all over the bathroom but for outdoor play in the summer, B would LOVE that. After his shower today, he told me he was going outside to play with it. The fact that it’s blowing a gale (another storm!) wasn’t going to put him off. Mummy had to say no today though!

funatic foam bath and shower review

Have you tried Funatic Foam? What do you do to entice reluctant kids into the bath to take a wash?! B really enjoyed using this foam, and although I was apprehensive at first regarding how messy it might be, as long as it is used in the bath or shower, it was easy to rinse off. B did this himself with his hands and the sponge.

Funatic Foam retails for £5.99 and can be found in most stores.

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funatic foam review - fun for the bathroom and outdoor play

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