LinkedIn for Bloggers: Why and How to use it!

linkedin for bloggers - tips and tricks for finding contacts and information

LinkedIn for Bloggers: Why and How to use it!

Today on the blog I’m talking about LinkedIn. I assumed most people knew about LinkedIn and used it. But…after speaking with people, it turns out that no, not everyone does. And it got me thinking, there are loads of ways I use LinkedIn to help with blogging and I want to share those ways with you.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is ultimately a professional social network. A social network for the world of work. An online CV. It’s a place to tell the world what you’re good at, ask for and give recommendations, follow and network with influential people, and join groups to share tips and advice on whatever floats your boat.

Some people moan that it’s started to become a bit like Facebook, with people posting silly posts. But I don’t think so. It doesn’t harm to have a bit of fun and post something light-hearted too. Although having said that, I wouldn’t say LinkedIn is the place to post content about kid’s Easter crafts. Keep that for Facebook ey.

So how can I use LinkedIn to help me blog then I hear you say? Well…

linkedin ue for bloggers - tips and tricks for finding contacts and information

Using LinkedIn Groups for Blogging

Take a look at the groups functionality on LinkedIn. You’ll find that there are loads which are relevant to blogging – social media, marketing, SEO, website design, PR. Anything you like really that is business and work related.

Join in with conversations, post questions and network with to find correct linkedin groups to join

Follow the Brands you Love

If you’re looking to network and make connections with the brands you love then be sure to follow them on LinkedIn and engage with their content. Start a conversation and get to know the brand and their values using LinkedIn.

linkedin bran page information

Connect with People

Once you’ve started some conversations, connect with people. The more people you’re connected to, the broader your network on LinkedIn becomes. Connect with people you’ve already worked with too – PR contacts, brand reps and other bloggers.

Find the Right Person to Pitch to

If you’re considering pitching to a brand and not sure who to address your email to, then listen up as here is a great tip…

Google the brand name, LinkedIn and then a title such as Marketing Manager or PR. You should be able to bring up some contacts at the company you’re trying to reach out to. Otherwise read my tips on finding PR contacts online here.

Have you used LinkedIn to help with your blog or business? Have you found it useful? Share with me your comments here or with me on social!

linkedin for bloggers - tips and tricks for finding contacts and information


  1. I recently joined but I have to admit I don’t use it much as I’m not sure how relevant my play content is to the platform, so I tend to only post about certain topics such as research based posts of education info etc #kcacols

    • yes i wouldn’t rcmd it for parenting stuff. but more for networking, brand research and PR research etc.

  2. LinkedIn is a untapped resource for many bloggers and professionals! This is a great article and I aswell am always surprised when people say they don’t use it. #KCACOLS.

  3. Linked In isn’t one I keep updated, I listenned to a talk from someone at Linked in at a conference at the weekend, she was saying much the same as you say here, I’ll have to revisit my profile there. #KCACOLS

  4. Thanks for the great tips in this post! Thinking on it, LI is definitely an afterthought for most of us as a networking website, despite its immense potential as a brand partnership tool (and not only).

    While it’s true that its usefulness can depend somewhat on your blogging niche, it may still be worth exploring even when you can’t see how you’d put it to use, because you never know what unexpected ideas crop up.

  5. I’m going to bookmark this and because I had never thought about the group option before. I don’t think I’ve even discovered it. Thanks for your handy tips for Linkedin. #KCACOLS

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