7 Podcasts to Listen to When You’re Feeling Low

podcasts to listen to when you feel low or depressed - motivating podcast list

7 Podcasts to Listen to When You’re Feeling Low

It’s no secret, I’m obsessed with podcasts! While I’ve been on maternity leave with Lew, I’ve listened to sooo many. Everything from true crime and health, to motivation and business. There are just so many out there to explore. I really find they are great for keeping my mind busy, focused and engaged while looking after Lew. being at home with a baby can feel very lonely at times, so the voices of the women on Radio 4 are much welcome!

Today I’m sharing some podcasts which always lift my mood. If you’re feeling low, having a down day or just need some encouraging words, these are the podcasts to pop on.

So let’s get started with:

1 – The Richard Nicholls Motivate Yourself Podcast

To be the best you can be! I love Richard’s bubbly voice and look forward to his short episodes at the start of every month. He covers all things mental health, mind set and psychology. I always finish an episode feeling upbeat, taking away something to think about. Each episode is only 15 minutes long so perfect if you have some time spare. Find out more here: Richard Nicholls.

2 – Feel Better, Live More

Dr Rangan Chatterjee covers all aspects of physical and mental health in this podcast. The episodes can be quite long but the interviews are inspiring, informative and always make me want to be my best. Find out more here: Feel Better, Live More Podcast.

3 – TED Talks Daily

Ah the good old TED talk. There are so many of them though and they are great if you only have 10-15 minutes spare. The talks span a vast amount of topics – there’s literally something for anyone. And I find I become interested in a topic, which on the face of it, I assumed would be dull. Trust me, no TED talk is dull!

4 – The Productive Woman

I really love this podcast because it is so relatable! Laura McClellan is a productivity enthusiast and shares her tips and tricks each episode. Topics range from decluttering, being productive and making the most of your time. Listen to the Productive Woman podcast here.

podcasts to listen to when you feel low or depressed - motivating podcast list

5 – Friday Night Comedy – Radio 4

In need of a laugh? If you like programmes like Mock the Week and Have I Got News for You then this podcast comedy news roundup will be up your street. It airs every Friday evening and covers the weekly goings on. Each week there are different guests, some funnier than others. I few times I’ve been lying in bed, laughing out loud!

6 – Happy Place – Fearne Cotton

Each episode Fearne interviews a guest speaker to discuss life lessons, love and mental health. I think one of my favourite episodes was when she interviewed Hilary and Chelsea Clinton! The interviews are inspiring, uplifting and motivating. I love this podcast. Listen to Happy Place here.

7 – Deliciously Ella

Last but certainly not least is one of my absolute FAVE podcasts from the fab Ella Mills. I’ve been listening to the Deliciously Ella podcast for ages now and it’s fab. Ella is positive and makes me feel good about myself. She inspired me to start eating more plant-based food too. If you need to feel a bit more positive about life then pop on any episode – they are very relatable.

Do you listen to podcasts? These are a few to get you started. I also love true crime ones, listed here – more true crime podcasts. And here are some of my favourite motivating podcasts! If you want to learn something new then these platforms for free courses are great for getting started with e-learning.

podcasts to listen to when you feel low or depressed - motivating podcast list

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