6 Newborn Essentials Which You Will Actually Need!

essential newborn baby products and items you need

6 Newborn Essentials Which You Will Actually Need!

Having a baby doesn’t have to be expensive. Many items you simply don’t need. I’ve had two kids and there are just a few things that are my go-to ESSENTIALS. The absolute must-haves. If you’re on a tight budget or simply don’t want to spend a load on stuff you don’t really need then read on. Today I share with you the items and products I couldn’t have coped without in those first few baby days and weeks!

essential newborn baby products and items you need in those first few weeks

A Downstairs Basket 

Grab a box, basket – whatever, and fill it with everything you need.Nappies, wipes, Sudocreme.  We always kept a second change mat downstairs as this saved going back up to change Lew. Very handy in those post-c section days!

White Noise

Whether you use an app on your phone, YouTube or a white noise soft toy like the myHummy bear, you will want white noise! You can read our review of the myHummy bear here.

A Baby Bouncer

Or Rocker. And you don’t need to pay too much. I bought one from Red Kite which was just fine. We kept one downstairs and another upstairs. This came in handy when I wanted a shower. I’d pop Lew in the bouncer chair and he’d happily sit and watch me shower for five mins. Handy for a quick tidy up too!

newborn baby - first night at home

A V Cushion

These are not only handy during pregnancy but useful after for breastfeeding and placing baby in to sit. Obviously not for too long and def not unsupervised, but when Lew was really tiny, he’d happily sit in the V shape while I put the hoover round.

Muslin Cloths

And loads of them! They are really handy in those early baby days for moping up milky chins.

Baby Gros 

And all in ones – you don’t really need much else clothes-wise when it comes to newborn babies. Outfits are lovely but they aren’t always practical. I stuck to vests and sleep-suits until Lew was about three months!

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What would your baby essentials be? If I added anymore, it would def be a good stroller pram. Very handy if you are short on space.

If you have any firm favourites, share them with me in the comments. And don’t forget to pin this post for later!

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