How Can I Learn Online for Free? 6 E-Learning Platforms to Try.

ideas and websites for where to take free courses for online learning

How Can I Learn Online for Free? 6 E-Learning Platforms to Try.

It’s never been easier to learn something new. With the internet at all our fingertips, there are literally so many opportunities to hone your skills or try something completely new. Today I’m sharing with you a few places where you can go online to learn for free. That’s right, completely free courses for you to try. And it’s really up to you how much you put in. You can try something just for fun, or perhaps enroll in a course which might further your career.

Let’s get started – first up is my personal favourite.


FutureLearn is a digital education platform with hundreds of courses to choose from. I really love the format of the FutureLearn courses as they are broken down into weekly sections. You’re encouraged to chat and network with other course participants too. The courses you take are essentially a collection of pre-recorded videos and readings. You can work through these weekly, or really at your own pace. Each lesson has a discussion area for students too. I really love how it makes you feel a part of the online class!

ideas and websites for where to take free courses for online learning


Coursera is another firm favourite of mine. I’d say it’s content is maybe for a more US audience but there are just so many courses that it’s worth a look. Especially if you’re looking for something very specific. Coursera offers massive open online courses, specializations, and even degrees.

Courses are free but if you want a graded assignment and qualification then you can pay for this at the end.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another online e-platform which offers courses for free. Or you can enhance the learning you’re already doing with videos, practice exercises and a personalized learning dashboard.


Udemy is an online learning platform that has more than 50 million students! It’s courses are taught in over 65 languages too. So there really is something for everyone. They cover a range of topics from marketing, IT, business, and even personal development.


If you’re looking to hone your workplace skills then check out e-learning platform Alison. Courses range from PR, marketing, IT, supervision skills – the list is endless. If you’re like me and just about to get back into work after a long maternity leave then definitely take a look at what’s on offer to help rebuild your confidence.


edX is a massive open online course provider, offering some free courses from the biggest names in universities and institutions – think Harvard, MIT. The course list and opportunities are huge and there are so many options for things to study, for fun or to get ahead of the crowd.

Have you tried any online learning platforms? Are you looking to build up your skills this year? Share with me here or on social your favourite courses and platforms. And don’t forget to pin this post for later too!

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ideas and websites for where to take free courses for online learning


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