9 Ways to Get Your Child to Talk About School!

9 Ways to Get Your Child to Talk About School!

9 Ways to Get Your Child to Talk About School!

I don’t know about you but when B started school, I was really excited to hear how he got on each day. As parents we just are, aren’t we?! I was desperate to hear every detail and story from the day. And what did B offer up? Nothing. Zilch. Nada. He stays tight-lipped when it comes to divulging school secrets. So much so that he uses his “school secrets” as a tactic to stay up later. He knows I can’t resist school chat!

If you have a little one about to start school, or you just want to try some new ways to get your child to open up about their six hours in the classroom, here are a few ideas.

Open Ended Questions

Although this is a good idea in principle, I find B still gets around actually answering anything! Tell me what you did at play time? And his response – good!

Convo Starters

Use their artwork or homework as conversation starters. I often find his reading book sometimes gets him to give me more info on his day.

Know the Day

I find if I know a few things about a certain day, this then sparks a chat. Wednesdays mean PE and Friday’s mean assembly day.

Find out What they are Learning

Our school send a term newsletter with information on what they are learning in class. Last term it was all about the Victorians. This term it’s more about science. It helps to know a bit about what they are doing so you can ask questions specific to those topics.

Share Something About Your Day

This doesn’t always work but if we’re lucky enough to get dinner on the table and all the kids sat down, we go around and take it in turns to tell each other something about our day. This is nice as B is always eager to hear what I’ve been up to with Lew.

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It’s tempting to jump in with more questions. I am so guilty of this. But try and listen more and really listen!

Ask about Friends

I find if I ask B who his best friend was today or who he played with, he happily talks about that. he’s less interested in chatting about maths!

Tell me Something that Made you Laugh!

If I ask him what made him laugh today, or did anything funny happen, this often starts a conversation.

What did you have for Lunch?

We always play a little game where B just gives me the first letter. So P or S – and I typically start off with pizza or sausages!

Ultimately I find open ended questions are helpful in getting B to divulge school secrets to me! Do you have any tips or tried and tested methods?! Be sure to share here or on social with me.

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9 Ways to Get Your Child to Talk About School!


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