10 Tips for Getting Stuff Done Around the House with a Baby

10 Tips for Getting Stuff Done Around the House with a Baby

10 Tips for Getting Stuff Done Around the House with a Baby

Having a baby can be a huge shock to the system. More so with your first – at least that is what I found. I enjoyed maternity leave so much more second time around. You can read my reasons why in this maternity leave post. Today though I’m sharing with you a few tips and things I did in the early days to try and keep organised around the house with two. It’s not easy and to be honest, the majority of the time the house feels like a complete sh*t tip. Every now and then though I feel motivated to get on top of stuff. And these are some of the things that help me stay on track. Add yours in the comments too.

Give yourself Time

You just had a baby! Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to rest and heal. Physically and mentally. The cleaning can wait. I had a c-section (birth story here) and I really took it easy the first couple of weeks.

Accept the Mess

Don’t stress it for the first month – accept the mess. I know this can be hard if you like to keep your home neat and tidy. If it’s your first then trust me, you will worry less and less as the years go by and the toys get bigger.

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Meal Plan

To be honest I am useless at meal planning. I try and always fail. I change my mind and seem hopeless at planning just a few days ahead. If, however, you are better at doing this then do! Not having to “pop to the shops” each day definitely helps!

Family and Friends

You know when people offer to help when you have a newborn around? Take them up on that offer! Get them to hoover, mow the lawn, iron. Anything that will help you out.

Get the Other Half to Help

Make sure your other half is pulling his or her weight too. Just because you’re on maternity leave does not mean you’re on a break. Being at home all day with a baby is tough going and can be really lonely. If your partner doesn’t appreciate this, be sure to book a keep in touch or spa day to give them a taste of reality.

Write a TO-DO List

I find to-do lists are great for keeping me organised and motivated. Without lists I feel lost. I need a list to keep me on track and bring some structure to my day.

Use a Sling or Carrier

When Lew was tiny, I was lucky enough to work with It’s a Sling Thing – you can read my experience here. Baby-wearing is definitely the way to go if you want to get stuff done around the house. Or simply work at the laptop!

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Washing on First Thing

If you need to get washing done, get it on first thing. I tend to put a load on while Lew is still in his cot. It takes less than a minute to sort it and get it on. And then you are done for the day.

Quick Tidy when Baby is Asleep

When Lew naps, I try and have a quick tidy around. So simply clearing the surfaces of clutter, running the hoover around and tidying away any of B’s toys. Literally five minutes can make a world of difference. I also tend to do a “Monica” – remember she has that cupboard in Friends? Full of crap? Well I have lots of small scale cupboards and drawers. When I have time, I then try and sort through them!

1 Room/Task per Day

This has really helped me keep on top of the housework. Before we had Lew, I had a cleaner come in for two hours each week. I know, I know, but I was working full time and I wanted my weekends to be free of chores. I really miss her though now that I’m on maternity. I can’t justify the cost. Instead I list everything that needs to be done and assign it a day. That way it is spread through the week and not left to one day. I don’t always stick to this but hey, it’s a start!

How do you keep on top of your home with a little one? Share with me your tips too in the comments or on social. And don’t forget to pin for later!

10 Tips for Getting Stuff Done Around the House with a Baby

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