6 Things That Helped my Hospital Anxiety

hospital panic and anxiety -fear of medical procedures

6 Things That Helped my Hospital Anxiety

This time last year I was nearly at the end of my pregnancy with Lew. I honestly can’t believe a year has gone by. It doesn’t feel like a year, and I remember last January very clearly. I was in and out of hospital for iron infusions. It caused me a lot of stress and anxiety but ultimately I needed them before my c-section. You can read about iron infusions here, and you can read my c-section birth story here.

Because of my emetophobia, vomit phobia, (read about emetophobia here!), I find hospital and all things to do with hospitals super stressful. Having a baby was not an easy decision for me. But I’m so pleased I did it – twice! I have two beautiful boys to show.

There are a few things that really helped me keep calm during those midwife and consultant appointments. And ultimately the birth. It wasn’t plain sailing but here are a few of my go-tos for keeping calm.

Emla Cream

If you hate blood tests then go get yourself some Emla cream. It is literally a lifesaver for me. I pop it on my arm about half an hour before a blood test. It basically numbs the area so I can’t feel the needle going in. It’s made going for blood tests so much easier. You can buy Emla cream at the chemists or online. I bought packs of five at a time during my pregnancy.

Deep Breathing

It goes without saying but take some really deep breathes when you feel that panic rising up inside you. Perhaps download a mindfulness or meditation app to help with breathing.


Listening to music really helped me in the run up to having Lew. It took me away and helped focus my mind on other stuff rather than impending hospital procedures. I also found music helpful at hospital when on the ward.


It goes hand in hand with music but headphones! They were a godsend on the ward. I found watching Netflix helpful too. Friends on a loop!


With my emetophobia, I find mints and chewing gum really useful for keeping my mouth fresh.

Games on my Phone

I like anything that keeps my hands moving and busy. So bricks and balls and candy crush are two of my favourite games for fast-paced action.

Do you have any things that really help keep you calm when you feel anxiety? What are your tried and tested methods for keeping a lid on panic? Share with me in the comments and pin for later too.

hospital panic and anxiety -fear of medical procedures


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