5 Podcasts That Will Make You Feel Positive And Motivated!

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5  Podcasts That Will Make You Feel Positive And Motivated!

I absolutely LOVE podcasts. And since being on maternity leave, I’ve even become a bit obsessed with listening to them. I walk most days with the pram, to and from school for the drop off and pick up. And that is my “me” time. It sounds silly but it really is. I get to move, listen, learn and breath. All while Lew chills out in the pram. And fortunately for me, he is usually very chilled in the pram.

podcasts that make you feel positive and motivated for the year ahead

Today I’m going to share some of my absolute favourite podcasts of the last year to help you feel positive, motivated and inspired for the year ahead. Many of them have a back catalogue too which you can dip into at any time. I personally like to select the episodes that most resonate with me, regardless of when they were released. Oh and for goals and personal aims this year…read here.

So let’s get started with:

1 – Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Podcast

Such an inspiring podcast, and one which I discovered quite late in the podcast game. I’d heard of it but never listened. In each episode, Fearne interviews a guest speaker. So this could be anyone from Ellie Goulding to Hilary Clinton…really! Fearne typically talks about health, mental well being, productivity and life in general. She discusses ups and downs with the guests and ways to take a bit of joy out of every day. I love this podcast. Listen to Happy Place here.

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2 – The Richard Nicholls Motivate Yourself Podcast

To be the best you can be! I love Richard’s bubbly voice and look forward to his short episodes at the start of every month. He covers all things mental health, mind set and psychology. I always finish an episode feeling upbeat, taking away something to think about. Each episode is only 15 minutes long so perfect if you have some time spare. Find out more here: Richard Nicholls.

3 – Diary of a CEO

I used to listen to this a couple of years ago when Steven Bartlett first started the podcast – Diary of a CEO. Honestly, I haven’t listened to it for a while but the first season inspired me to push ahead with my blog and freelance work. I love Steven’s can-do attitude and motivation. I always felt inspired and ready for anything after listening to his episodes. I’ve downloaded a few of the newer ones and can’t wait to catch up with his stories again! Even if you’re not planning on being a CEO or running a company, there is still so much relevant life “stuff” to take away from this podcast.

4 – Woman’s Hour

I only recently started listening to Woman’s Hour. I used to call Radio Four, Radio Bore. How wrong was I?! Woman’s Hour is awesome and full of interesting topics ranging from parenting, health, the news, current affairs and issues. It’s such a mix. It’s now my go-to podcast during the day and I really enjoy listening to each episode. If you were a Radio Four cynic then don’t be. Give it a go as you’ll be surprised how much of the content is relevant.

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5 – Deliciously Ella

Last but certainly not lease is one of my absolute FAVE podcasts. I’ve been listening to the Deliciously Ella podcast for a while now and I absolutely LOVE it. I started listening after I had Lew, when Ella was still pregnant, and I’ve enjoyed hearing about her journey to motherhood. She is positive, upbeat and interviews many guest speakers who have some amazing advice for life in general. And I feel she is honest and genuine too. I always listen and then come away feeling good about myself and motivated for the day.

Do you listen to podcasts? These are a few to get you started. I have a few more I love listed here – more true crime ones though. I plan to write down my favourite business ones, parenting ones and general life podcast recommendations too! If you want to learn something new then these platforms for free courses are great too.

podcasts that make you feel positive and motivated for the year ahead


  1. I love listening to podcasts too and always listen to them whilst out walking. It helps take me out of mum mode and feel a bit more connected with the world. I like the sound of Woman’s Hour and Diary of a CEO – I will have to give them a listen. I currently love Shameless (pop culture by 2 Aussie girls) and This Glorious Mess (parenting by 2 Aussie women). #KCACOLS

  2. I’m addicted to the Simple Pin Podcast! I also just recently started my own podcast too – it’s focused on expats from South Africa but I’ve really loved the whole process. Its called #TheMigrationGeneration podcast.

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