My Goals and Aims for 2020 – Along with a few Hopes, Dreams and Must-Dos

how to set new year goals and stick to them

My Goals and Aims for 2020 – Along with a few Hopes, Dreams and Must-Dos

Happy New Year! I can’t believe 2019 is over. For me, personally, 2019 was a good year. We welcomed Lewis to the world back in January, and I spent an amazing year with him while on maternity. I struggled when B was born and spent a lot of my leave trying to do too much, juggle too many play dates, and I felt a lot of pressure to make “mum friends”. This time I’ve had none of that. I’ve been happy to walk B to school, come home, blog, play, walk some more, and then pick B up. We literally spent the whole summer walking and I’ve never listened to so many podcasts before. And I even managed to get a nice tan too! I’m usually stuck in an office and I’m lucky to clock up 1000 steps a day, We’d regularly hit 10k. I’ve missed walking this winter. The weather has been crappy and I’m not one for embracing the rain I’m afraid.

Anyway, I’m waffling. The point of this post? To write down some of my goals and aims for 2020.

Work Goals

My main aim for 2020 is to settle into my job once I return end of Feb. Our company was acquired during my maternity leave, so I have a new team to work with, new challenges and new projects. I’m really excited so we will see what it brings. I’m also apprehensive and not naive to the fact that things may be very different. I really hope this is a positive change.

I plan to push myself outside of my comfort zone in 2020. I’ve already put myself forward for a speaking session at a blogging conference. The session will focus on Pinterest marketing and I’ll give my tips and tricks for making the most of Pinterest for your website!

In terms of the blog, I’m not too sure where it’s going. I’m bored of Instagram and I’ve never made a huge effort with video. I love writing and I love creating but I’m just not one of these bloggers that wants to share everything. I’m very mindful of B and the fact he is a lot older now. He doesn’t really like his photo being taken. Expect more shots from behind and perhaps a move to more content that focuses on my interests outside of the kids!

mineral in glass -alcohol free drinks ideas for the new year and dry January

Health Goals

My aims for 2020 – to drink less. Since having Lewis, I’ve enjoyed all the wine. I’m aiming to do Dry January and see how we go from there. I’d really love to turn that into Dry Feb, March, April, May…

Ever since we watched Game Changers on Netflix the hubby and I have been trying to adopt a plant-based diet. Jon has done amazing and literally turned vegan over night. Me, less so. I miss proper cheese and I’m lazy when it comes to looking at every label. It’s crazy how much milk and egg is in literally EVERYTHING ! But 2020, I plan to continue cooking good, plant-based meals for our family, cutting out the crap where we can. This also means cutting out Redbull for me. Again, since having Lewis, I’ve drank way too much of the nasty stuff. I don’t drink tea or coffee so it’s my go to for a quick pick-me-up. It has to stop!

I also want to keep moving. I walked a LOT in 2019 and I fear that will stop when I head back to work. I have to keep it up for my mental and physical well being. I also want to try and get back to yoga. But I’ve been saying that for months now so I’m not holding my breathe…

door and heart

Life Goals

This relates to one of my work goals – pushing myself out of my comfort zone. And trying new things. There are a few habits that I really want to try and break in 2020. And what better way to do so than by adopting some new ones. A few things I’ve been thinking about have been the following:

  • Joining a local rock choir. I don’t want anything religious or churchy. Just a place to have a sing, make new friends and have fun.
  • Go back to YOGA!!! It’s on Mon, Weds and Fri – there is no excuse!

sunrise by a lake with jetty into water

Places to Go, Things to See, Books to Read and Podcasts to Listen to!

I appreciate some of my goals are pretty huge – stop drinking, exercise more and eat better. Who doesn’t want to make those changes at the turn of the year? I also want to focus on a few small things – goals that are really achievable.

  • I really want to visit Hampton Court Palace without the kids.
  • I want to plan some walks with the hubby. We used to do 5-10 mile circular walks all over Somerset before the kids arrived. I want to plan some weekends where we can perhaps have a couple of hours to go and walk.
  • I want to visit Las Iguanas more. We love to have a mooch around Bristol harbour and then have lunch.
  • I want to read more. I’ve borrowed a few books on the Royals from the library, as well as real-life crime and a few books around self-care.
  • I want to continue to listen to lots of podcasts. I’m addicted to them. I love listening to them while cooking, walking, ironing, cleaning, and even to unwind before bed.
  • Cooking – I really want to cook even more. One aim is to try a bit of vegan baking before Lew’s big FIRST birthday. I need to start practicing.

And there we go. I’m sure there will be some more things to crop up but we will see how we get on. I might start the monthly book reviews and perhaps include podcasts too – my recommendations and loves. Have you got any resolutions? Any goals? Any aims?

how to set new year goals and stick to them

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