Clementoni Activity Train 123

Clementoni Activity Train review -

Clementoni Activity Train 123

Hey and welcome to the blog! We hope you’re all good and looking forward to fun over Christmas! Today we’re reviewing one of the toys from the Clementoni baby range – The Activity Train 123. If you’re still looking for fun toys for little ones this Christmas then read on!

Clementoni Activity Train review train in box

What is the Activity Train 123?

This little train is bright, colourful and full of fun. Perfect for little ones who want to steam ahead at play time. There are plenty of buttons to push, a spinning wheel to swoosh, and lots of LED lights and sounds.

The minute I got this out of the box, Lew was on it!

Clementoni Activity Train review - baby playing with toy

Play and Learn Time

The great thing about this cute train is that it introduces little ones to basic numbers, letters, shapes and colours. If you press down the smoke stack at the front, it makes the side roller bar spin. This then stops at different letters.

Clementoni Activity Train review - baby spinning the roller bar

To activate sounds and music, simply move the train along. It works best on a hard floor rather than carpet. This train comes with two language settings, English or Spanish. There is just one volume setting.

Clementoni Activity Train review - close up of toy train

Our Thoughts

This activity train is cute, durable, sturdy and fun. It certainly endured lots of whacking from Mr Lew!

Clementoni Activity Train review - baby playing

He enjoyed playing with it sitting, and also lying down. The front of the train lights up so this kept him amused.

Clementoni Activity Train review - baby exploring this toy train

Have you tried any of the Clementoni range this Christmas? Perhaps the naughty elf could take a ride on this train too!

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Clementoni Activity Train review

Disclaimer: We were sent this train for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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