The Clementoni World Cup Winner – A Review!

Baby Clementoni football goal toy review

Clementoni Talking and Singing Football Goal!

Hey and welcome! Are you all set for Christmas? Not long now at all! If you’re yet to do any Christmas shopping though, stay tuned as we have a couple of fun reviews for you. Today we’re trying out the Clementoni World Cup Winner football goal activity centre. And spoiler alert…it’s super fun!Baby Clementoni football goal toy review - toy in box

What is the Clementoni World Cup Winner?

The Clementoni World Cup Winner is a portable football goal, packed full of exciting colours, fun sounds and songs. When you kick or throw your ball into the net, the Shoot and Score Goalmaster keeps count of the number of goals. It’s suitable from age 18 months. Lew is nearly 12 months and still had a lot of fun even though he isn’t walking yet. I’ll show you how later in the post. 

Baby Clementoni football goal toy review - goal set up with ball

Howto Set it Up

Putting this goal together was really easy and took me maybe five minutes. There are a number of stickers which fix onto the goal posts. The net clips onto the back of the posts and top arch. Like this:

Baby Clementoni football goal toy review - view of net attaching to goal posts

Your child can play with top of the goal as a stand alone toy without the net. There are loads of buttons to play with. Lew had a play while I was sorting the stickers.

Baby Clementoni football goal toy review - game set up with baby investigating

Educational and Fun

This activity centre is perfect for little ones who are just starting to toddle about, encouraging those gross motor skills. It also provides an introduction to basic letters, shapes, colours and numbers 1-5.

Want to introduce your little one to Spanish? No problem as you can choose from English or Spanish language!

Baby Clementoni football goal toy review -baby playing

All Weather Sport

This goal set can be used indoors and out. Right now the weather isn’t great so we’ve only used it inside. But I can see this being a lot of fun in the garden once it’s a bit warmer and drier. It’s worth nothing too that the goal set isn’t huge. Even if you’re limited on space, this is a nice size without being too big!

Baby Clementoni football g - baby looking at goaloal toy review

Our Thoughts

This activity centre is proving to be a lot of fun already. As mentioned, Lew is just coming up to 12 months now, and although this is suitable from 18 months, he can still get a lot of play time from it. We’ve used the top of the goal as a standalone toy, placed on the floor. He can press the buttons, activating the music and sounds. He has also enjoyed sitting close to the goal, reaching up to press the buttons.

Baby Clementoni football goal toy review - baby playing with buttons

I can see this being a toy that will grow with him, becoming more and more fun as he starts walking and exploring the world around him!

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Baby Clementoni football goal toy review

Disclaimer: We were sent this train for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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