25 Last Minute Elf on the Shelf Tricks to Try!

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25 Last Minute Elf on the Shelf Tricks to Try!

Hey hey and welcome there! How are you doing? All ready for Christmas? We’re nearly there. Just got to get wrapped! At least we’re not far off packing that elf back away though ey! Here are a few last minute tricks if you’re starting to run out of ideas!

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  1. Pig Out on Sweets!

elf stuffing his face with chocolate - elf on the shelf trick

2. Easy peasy to pull this one off. Simply redecorate the tree!

elf on the shelf christmas tree tricks

3. Decorate your little ones favourite toy or teddy. Think tinsel or ribbon.

4. Time to get naughty. Unravel some toilet roll and leave Elf asleep at the bottom.

5. Elf wants to play. Pop Elf with some of your child’s fave toys.

elf on shelf shoe train trick with animals and teddy bears

6. Elf has been cooking. Leave him in the kitchen, tucking in to your child’s cereal.

7. Play hide and seek with some of the Christmas tree ornaments. Leave a couple hidden in your child’s bedroom.

8. Write a short message using raisins. Or coffee beans! Or peas! Oh dear Mr Elf!

elf on shelf taking a pee against a wall - using frozen pees

9. Find Elf sleeping in your pet’s bed.

10. Make some paper snowflakes and pop them by your child’s bed.

11. Stage an Elf kidnap! Use some string and pop another toy next to Elf.

elf tied up by other toys

12. Elf has been raiding the kitchen cupboard. Find him passed out in a sea of mini marshmallows.

13. Take some “elfies” on your phone or iPad and be sure to show your child what mischief Elf was up to last night!

14. Elf has been brushing his teeth, using your toothbrush!

15. Elf likes to read. Pop him on the bookshelf in your child’s room.

lazy parents mum mom ideas for elf on the shelf reading16. Elf has been naughty. Pop a couple of stickers on the clothes your child will wear the next day. Be sure to leave a few on Elf too!

17. Find Elf doing some colouring.

18. Tangle Elf in ribbon and pop him under the tree.

19. Elf likes taking naps. Try someone’s shoe or slipper.

20. Leave a note under your child’s pillow with a small sweet treat.

21. Stage a teddy bear’s picnic with some other toys.

22. Elf fancies himself as the next Banksy…have him graffiti the toilet rolls!

elf on the shelf tricks - elf writing rude words

23. Elf has been binge watching Kid’s YouTube. Pop him with the iPad.

24. Elf has been making reindeer food. Think seeds or oats, mixed with some edible glitter.

25. Find Elf in the fridge, hunting for the best carrot to leave for Rudolph this evening!

And there we have it, 25 super simple, easy peasy, lemon squeezy ideas and tricks for your elf. Be sure to share them on social and pin them too! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

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