70 Stocking Filler and Gift Ideas for Adults!

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70 Stocking Filler and Gift Ideas for Adults!

Argh, it’s that time of year again. Christmas is upon us. So let’s cut to the chase…today I’m sharing some stocking filler ideas for adults. Kids are easy to buy for. They want everything. Adults, however, are a different kettle of fish. If you have an awkward husband or a picky partner, read on. Here are my ideas for cheap, easy stocking filler ideas this Christmas.


20 Edible Gift Ideas

The list is endless when it comes to edible gifts. Pop a few things into your trolley each week during the weekly shop and this will soon add up.

  1. Tobelerone.
  2. The obligatory Terry’s Chocolate Orange.
  3. Haribo.
  4. Marshmallows.
  5. Nuts.
  6. A Satsuma.
  7. Chocolates.
  8. Mince pies.
  9. A mini Christmas pudding.
  10. The classic satsuma.
  11. Nuts.
  12. Chutneys.
  13. Pickles.
  14. Lebkuchen treats (those gingery biscuits typically from Germany that you find in Aldi and Lidl!)
  15. Cheeses – remember to wrap and store in the fridge though! You don’t want gone off cheese!
  16. Coffee beans if your other half is a coffee lover.
  17. Hot chocolate.
  18. Hot chocolate stirrers.
  19. Specialty teas – green teas, fruity teas, usual teas.
  20. Jam and marmalade.

15 Drink Gift Ideas

  1. Fave whisky.
  2. A nice brandy.
  3. A bottle of port. It is Christmas after all.
  4. Any nice bottle of fizz – champagne, prosecco, cava.
  5. Flavoured Gin
  6. Flavoured Vodka.
  7. A little bottle of Chambord. I love this in prosecco!
  8. Posh tonics – Fever Tree, Fentimans. There are loads out there now.
  9. A favourite soft drink or treat drink – I usually find a Lucozade in my stocking!
  10. Craft beers.
  11. Flavoured ciders.
  12. Mixer packs for prosecco/gin.
  13. Infusions to add to gin/vodka.
  14. Alcohol Free beers – it doesn’t have to all be about the booze.
  15. Alcohol spirit alternatives like Seedlip.

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20 Bath and Body Gift Ideas

Unless you don’t wash, you’re always going to use bath and body gifts. Buying these sort of gifts are fab because there is no waste. They will last you for a few months into the new year!

  1. Shower gels. They don’t need to be expensive ones. I always put a few cheapy ones from the supermarket in stockings. For the kids too.
  2. A new sponge/pouf.
  3. Hair gel/wax or whatever your other half uses.
  4. Bath bombs – for the kids too! So much fun.
  5. Bath salts – Epsom Salts are always handy for relieving tired muscles.
  6. Bubble Bath – I usually buy something silly that B will enjoy using too.
  7. Shaving foam.
  8. Aftershave or perfume.
  9. Cotton wool or face wipes.
  10. Face masks.
  11. Face scrubs.
  12. Luxurious minis. We love the mini Molton Browns!
  13. Hand cream.
  14. Hand scrubs.
  15. Razor refills.
  16. Dry shampoo.
  17. Lip balm.
  18. Nail varnish.
  19. Nail files.
  20. A body brush.

10 Clothes Gift Ideas

  1. Pyjamas.
  2. Slippers.
  3. Socks. Obligatory right?
  4. Underwear.
  5. Gloves.
  6. Tights.
  7. A new winter hat.
  8. Scarves.
  9. Welly boots.
  10. Dressing gown. Doesn’t everyone get their Dad a dressing gown each year?!

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5 Gift Ideas for Home

Anything that can be used each day around the home gets a massive thumbs up from me!

  1. Candles. We use them all year round. You can’t go too wrong.
  2. Diffusers or air fresheners
  3. Bird seed
  4. Batteries. The hubby games so he’s always going through batteries!
  5. Paracetamol/Ibuprofen. For any overindulgence ey.

And with that, you should be all set for a Christmas minus the tat. Any other consumable ideas, share them here in the comments or over on social! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

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