22 of the Funniest Elf on Shelf Ideas this Year!

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elf on the shelf tricks

22 of the Funniest Elf on Shelf Ideas this Year!

Hey hey and welcome. We are well into December now and not many sleeps until it’s Christmas Day! Exciting! So today we’re rounding up some of the funniest elf on the shelf ideas and tricks you can play on the kids. So think naughty rather than nice!

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Let’s get started with ideas!

Take a Pee

Have your elf take a pee!

elf on shelf taking a pee against a wall - using frozen pees

Rude Words!

Write rude words on the toilet roll! So easy but super funny.

elf on the shelf tricks - elf writing rude words

Or write rude words using fridge magnets.

elf on shelf writing rude words on the fridge using magnets

Naughty Elf!

Elf is caught snogging princess!

elf on shelf caught smooching princess

Dress up in Disguise

Hide your elf among the other toys and Christmas treats!

elf dressed up

Raid the Cupboards

Elf is caught raiding the cake cupboard.

elf on shelf raiding cupboards

All Tied Up

There are many ways you could tie your elf up! Have some of the other toys tie him up like the image below. Or perhaps get him in a muddle with sticky tape.

elf tied up by other toys

Googly Eyes

This is an easy trick which is super funny! Image thanks to Karina at Mums the Nerd.

elf on shelf googly eyes on photo


Elf decides to raid mum and dad’s stash of booze. Oops!

elf on the shelf drunk


There are loads of ways you can trap your elf. What about using a glass or jug? And have some fierce LEGO toys guard him!

elf trapped in a jar

Get Creative

There are many things elf can draw or write on. It really depends how much time you have on your hand! This easy trick with a pen and the bananas doesn’t take too long at all.

elf on shelf writes on bananas

Time for Beer

If your elf gets tired, perhaps pinch a nice cold beer out of the fridge. It’s thirsty work playing all these tricks!

elf on shelf drinking a beer

Have Fun with Packaging

I love this idea which was sent to me by a friend. This cheeky elf has got inside a Snowman chocolate! I’ve seen other packaging tricks using Pringle tubes too!

elf sat in a white chocolate snowman


Oops, clumsy elf has had an accident and run another toy over!!

elf has an accident

Elf Fell OFF the Shelf!

If you fancy taking a break, perhaps have your elf take a little fall. Genius.

elf on shelf has had an accident

Stuff His Face!

This one is really easy. Simply have your elf tuck into your child’s chocolates.

elf stuffing his face with chocolate - elf on the shelf trick

Decorating the Tree!

Go mad trashing the tree…!

elf on the shelf christmas tree tricks

Loo Roll

You can have a lot of fun with toilet roll it seems! Picture courtesy of The Gingerbread House.

elf on the shelf rolling down the stairs

Underwear Silliness!

Get elf dressed up in your child’s pants. It’s bound to cause giggles.

elf on the shelf tricks - elf sat on window sill with pants on

Watching TV

Lazy elf! Perhaps have him watching something silly! Image thanks to Paper Heart Family.

elf on the shelf ideas that are really simple and easy - such as holding the tv remote control

Advent Mayhem

If you have one of those refillable advent calendars, then it’s quite easy to get your elf to steal some treats from this. You can easily refill it later!

elf on the shelf eating chocolate calendar

Lock Him Up

I love this idea my sister shared. Elf is locked up in elf jail. With the iPads and tablets!

elf on the shelf in jail

Well there we have it, 22 super funny ideas for your elf on the shelf needs in December. Make sure you share your ideas with us over on social media too! Let’s see what those pesky elves get up to this year! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

And pin it for later and share with those parent friends who need some help and inspiration!

elf on the shelf tricks


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