15 Easy Excuses For Why Your Elf Didn’t Move!

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15 excuses for why your elf on the shelf didnt move

15 Easy Excuses For Why Your Elf Didn’t Move!

Hey hey and welcome to the blog. Today we share with you some fab excuses for why your elf on the shelf did NOT move last night! We’ve all been there right? I don’t know about you but I am not one of these parents who go all out when it comes to the elf. If he simply reads a book or sets up a simple tea party, that is enough! So let’s get going with those excuses to tell the kids when you just really can’t be arsed.

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      1. Elf is simply too tired to move. He needs a rest.
      2. Elf is a bit tied up – tie your elf up with string or ribbon.
      3. Elf feels poorly. Perhaps he has a cold coming. Perhaps just pop the calpol next to him on the shelf.
      4. Elf is sleeping. Simply move him to a dolls bed or your child’s bed. If your elf moves! Ours does but I know some people have them sit on the shelf during the day.
      5. You did not go to bed properly. I use this one a lot with B as he likes to faff about a lot. Elf simply can’t play tricks if you’re not in bed, and asleep!
      6. It’s too warm in the house for elf. He’s used to the cooler climate of the North Pole.
      7. Baby Lewis disturbed elf. I’ll be using this trick now that we have Lew at home.
      8. If you’re child has been a bit trying, perhaps say that elf won’t play any tricks until they start behaving again.
      9. The weather. We can blame the weather for anything right?
      10. Elf did move in the night – he just returned to his shelf. Tell your child that something was moved in the night -the cat bowl, a pair of shoes.
      11. Elf must have eaten too much junk food and he simply can’t move today.
      12. You must have disturbed him in the night! Particularly handy if your child is up in the night.
      13. The cat or dog must have disturbed him!
      14. Elf is testing you to make sure you’re behaviour is good!
      15. The big boss (aka Santa) must have told him not to play any tricks.

And there you go. Fifteen super simple excuses to use when you just don’t have enough time to faff about with the bloody elf this December. Christmas is busy enough without having to sort him out too! Don’t forget to follow us on social media for more elf fun, ideas, tips, tricks and giveaways this December! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

15 excuses for why your elf on the shelf didnt move


    • haha yes! tbh I don’t really do anything. my son just likes having the elf and cuddling him. he sometimes pops a chocolate coin under his pillow if he’s gone to bed well!

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