10 Interactive Toys Your Kids Will Love this Christmas!

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10 Interactive Toys Your Kids Will Love this Christmas!

Hey hey and welcome. Today on the blog I’m doing a little round-up of my favourite interactive toys we’ve reviewed and/or seen while at the BlogOn Toys conference back in September. Be prepared for your kids to want these! Out of everything we’ve reviewed, B’s favourites have been the Air Hogs Laser Racer Car and the Spy X Kit. I’d say for Lew, although he is way too young for it, he absolutely adores Juno, the interactive elephant. He giggles whenever she waves her trunk around. It’s very cute.

Anyways, enough cuteness, let’s crack on with the round-up.

Xtrem Smart Bot Robot

The Xtrem Smart Bot is an interactive robot that moves, dances, makes sounds and facial expressions – and all by controlling it either with an infra red remote control or with your own hand gestures! How cool is that! 

It’s a fab gift for getting children excited about STEM subjects and provides a great introduction to basic coding. You can program your robot with up to 50 actions.Xtrem smart bot robot toy in the box

Discovery Walkie Talkies

These lightweight walkie talkies are fun for kids to use at home or out and about.  B absolutely loves playing around with walkie talkies and has hours of fun playing with his cousin. One massive plus for these Discovery walkie talkies is the huge range – up to 3km. Which is pretty impressive to be honest. We’ve had a few sets in the past and they tend to be a bit dodgy even between the back garden and B’s bedroom.

'Discovery' Digital Walkie Talkies Review - in box and the handsets

Mr Tumble Learning Pad

OK so it’s for the younger audience but my baby, Lew, loves this interactive toy based on Mr Tumble. It’s like a tablet with lots of colourful picture buttons to press. There are six activities  to play, focusing on colours, numbers, shapes, letters, instruments and characters from the show. Press the buttons, answer the questions and have fun!

mr tumble something special learning pad - baby playing with buttons

Juno My Baby Elephant

Juno is an interactive baby elephant that you can play with, feed, train to do tricks, pet and talk to. She’s makes over 150 lifelike movements and sounds, is super cute and very purple! Your kids will love Juno.

Boy playing with juno the baby elephant

SpyX Micro Gear Set

This spy surveillance kit is ideal for any child who has an active imagination and loves to play spies! The kit includes an invisible ink pen, a motion alarm, a micro listener and a spy light. And each gadget attaches easily to a very cool utility belt. B absolutely loves this kit and loves to hide the motion alarm around the house!

SpyX Micro Gear Set review box

Fingerlings Untamed Dragons

Fingerlings Untamed Dragons are interactive “pets” that you choose to tame or annoy. There are four to collect in the series – Shockwave, which we reviewed, Freezer, Venom and Wild Fire. They’re fierce, feisty and come complete with a ferocious roar. Each dragon has special sensors on their head and spine, and react depending on what you do with them. Hang them upside down and hear them roar. Their jaws light up with a glowing colour. Snuggle then gently and lay them on their side and they almost purr!

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser Cars

The Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser car is a remote control car that not only drives on the floor but can race up walls, windows, and even on the ceiling. It’s easy to use and is easy to set up. Inside the box is a car, a laser gun and a USB charging cable. Charging takes around 10 minutes and gives you 45 minutes play time. This car is a big hit in our house!

air hogs zero gravity remote control car - toy review - car and boy playing

Pomsies Lumies Toys

Now I got to play with this cute little toys at the BlogOn Toys conference back in September. They are interactive cuddly toys that change their colour when they touch an object. They actually take on the colour of the object! They react differently depending on what colours you touch and there are a few games you can play with them too. For a full review, take a read of Pomsies Lumies review at Three Littls Z’s blog.Pomsies Lumies Toys review

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

I got to try this very cool Invisibility Cloak at BlogOn Toys, and oh my goodness, it was AMAZING! It’s a cape that basically turns you invisible!! You need to download an app and then use this to see your friends and family disappear before your eyes! For a full review and video, check out this blog post – Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak Review on the  KatyKicker blog.

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak in box with cape

Hatchimals Pixies

To be honest, B loves any of the Hatchimals range! Cute little eggs that disintegrate to reveal even cuter little figures inside. These Hatchimals Royal Snow Ball Pixies come with a figure and a platform to stand them on. they also include a few accessories like crowns and necklaces.  For a full overview of Hatchimals, take a read over on Me, Him, the Dog and a Baby.

Hatchimals Pixies toy review and pixies set up

Do your kids have their Christmas lists ready? B hasn’t said too much really. He knows we don’t want more Lego as it just isn’t helpful with Lew crawling about all over. Don’t forget to follow us over on social for reviews, giveaways and more this Christmas! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

pinterest image - ten interactive toy ideas and reviews for kids this christmas

Disclaimer: We were sent a number of the toys featured in this round-up. There are links to individual review posts for more in-depth thoughts.


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