Ultra Dash Game Review – Fast-Paced Family Fun!

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Ultra Dash Game Review – Fast-Paced Family Fun!

Hey hey and welcome! How are you doing? All good I hope! We’ve had a round of coughs and colds, and now they seem to be back again! Today on the blog though we’re putting Ultra Dash to the test. It’s a fast-paced game which has players literally dashing all around the house, or garden(!), tagging targets as they go. It’s easy to play, it’s fun and it gets kids and adults moving!

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What is Ultra Dash?

Ultra Dash is an interactive, electronic game by Interplay. It’s super simple to set up, comprising a tagger and five coloured targets.

ultra dash game with tagger and targets

How do You Play?

Just place the targets around any room in your home or garden. You could place them in multiple rooms or hide them. Where ever you like to be honest! Select the type of game play option you want. We used the single play. Once you’re ready to play, the tagger will light up with a colour. Race to quickly place the tagger onto the correct coloured target. Make sure you place it in properly so the tagger registers the target. It will then light up with the next colour. And that’s it really!

You can see the tagger lit up pink here:

ultra dash game with tagger and targets lit up

There are three game modes to play – Beat the Clock, Target Tally and Relay Race. We’ve only used it indoors as the weather has been rubbish but I can see this being a lot of fun in the summer months. You could place the targets all around the garden.

Play With Friends

Even though there is on tagger, this game can be played with any number of friends. Set up the targets and then play in relay mode, passing the tagger to a friend on each go.

Final Thoughts

Ultra Dash is a really fun game that is easy to play and suitable for inside or outside. You could take it out on a picnic to the park, on holiday, to a friends house. There aren’t lots of small pieces that could get lost, and game play is so easy that you won’t need to read loads of instructions. Ultra Dash gets a big thumbs up here!

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ultra dash game with tagger and targets - thumbnail

Disclaimer: We were sent this game for the purpose of this review. Opinions are honest and our own!

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