Orangutwang – Family Fun and Games!

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Orangutwang – Family Fun and Games!

Hello there and welcome! We’ve been busy over the last couple of weeks, testing out a bunch of family games. And if you’re looking for something easy, fast paced, and lots of fun then read on! We’ve been playing with Orangutwang! A very simple game which you will love.orangutwang board game in box

What is Orangutwang? 

Orangutwang is super simple. Hang your monkey on the vine and take turns to hang a piece of fruit onto him. You can hang fruit anywhere on the monkey  -his arms, legs, toes. Wherever you want. But watch out! Add too much fruit and your monkey will go TWANG!

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How Do you Set it Up?

This game is easy to set up – put the two green base plates together and add the palm trees. To activate the vine, you pull down the bird on the side. Place your monkey onto the vine.

And you’re all ready to play!

orangutwang board game setting the game up with fruit

Twanging Fun!

To play, you just roll the dice and whichever fruit it lands on, you try and place that onto the monkey, without making him twang. Some of the fruits are heavier than the others. Oh, and there are lizards and bats too!

B absolutely loved this game, especially when the monkey pinged off the vine, throwing all the fruit here, there and everywhere. B also enjoyed just hanging the fruit on the vine and then pinging it off too.

monkey hanging on vine in orangutwang game

Final Thoughts

This is a really easy game to play, with no complicated instructions or rules. It’s fun for kids and adults too. Definitely one for the table this Christmas!

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Disclaimer: We were sent this game for the purpose of this review. Opinions are honest and our own!

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