Don’t Rock the Boat! Swashbuckling Fun!

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Don’t Rock the Boat! Swashbuckling Fun!

Hey there and welcome to the blog! We’ve been busy – playing games! Well, and doing the whole parenting thing but hey, we’ve had fun this week. First up for review is Don’t Rock the Boat. A super simple game that’s easy to set up and play.

dont rock the boat board game in box

What is Don’t Rock the Boat?

The concept is really easy. You have a boat which balances on a wave. Players take turns to stack penguin playing pieces onto the boat without it tipping over. Sounds easy? It’s actually tricky and you need to make sure you balance your pieces correctly. If you tip the boat and the penguins fall off, it’s game over.

dont rock the boat board game with playing pieces and ship

How do you Set it Up?

Setting this game up to play literally takes minutes. Not even that! Click the wave together, with the pole to sit the boat on, in the middle. Add the masts and planks to the boat, and gently balance the boat onto the wave.

Set out all your playing pieces – penguins, a crab, an octopus, and various pirate items!

And you’re all ready to play!

dont rock the boat board game- set up for play

How to Play

You can play this game with two or more players. Each person places one of the 16 pirate pieces onto the boat. Be careful though because you never quite know if the piece you just placed will rock the boat. The pirate pieces vary in size AND weight.

There are lots of places to put the your penguins and pirates – on the deck, the masts, or hanging off the boat.

If you do place a figure that tips the boat so much that pieces fall off, then you’re out! dont rock the boat board game with playing pieces and ship - boy playing

A Barrel of Laughs

This game is brilliant fun with little ones. It recommends for ages 5 and over. The playing pieces are small so just watch little ones with those. We had to keep confiscating the penguin pirates from 9 month old Lew!

B really enjoyed playing this game. And I did too! I love games that are simple to play and don’t take ages to set up. This game ticks all those boxes. If the instructions are too long or complicated, B just gets bored.

dont rock the boat board game with playing pieces and ship - boy placing pieces on boat

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Disclaimer: We were sent this game for the purpose of this review. Opinions are honest and our own!

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