Playfoam Pluffle Review – Squishy Squashy Fun!

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Playfoam Pluffle Review – Squishy Squashy Fun!

Hey hey and welcome. How’s your weekend been? Good start to the week too? Today on the blog we’re reviewing Playfoam Pluffle from Learning Resources. We’ve worked with Learning Resources in the past and they have some amazing toys. Perfect for getting kids interested in the STEM subjects.

What is Playfoam Pluffle?

Playfoam pluffle is soft, squishy, squashy….erm, “stuff”? It kind of looks like lots of small, chopped up bits of soft plastic and glitter. It’s surprisingly addictive to squish, squeeze and squash!

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It’s not sticky or slimey. The little pieces don’t stain, and they don’t dry out. It is however messy. We recommend you put it in some sort of container or tray!

What Can You Do With it?

You can squeeze it, squash it, squish it and mash it. Use your hands to clump it together, and then watch it as it gently falls apart. And it really is quite mesmerizing as it moves, and gently flows apart. It reminds me a bit of that gloop, made from cornflour. But a lot, lot LESS messy!

The packs of two containers come in various colours – red and blue, pink and green and yellow and purple. You can combine  your  playfoam, creating a mix of colours and sparkles. You CANNOT unmix it though. Once it’s mixed, that’s it! I kept joking to B that he’d have to sort and separate it all afterwards!

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Pluffle Play!

This stuff is really odd! It’s fun to fiddle with and squish but you can’t really build anything out of it. You can squeeze it into a clump but it slowly falls apart. We enjoyed playing with it though – it’s soft, fluffy and moves around as if by magic.

And you can just watch it move in the tube. Hold the tube upside down and gaze as it slowly squirms around. I created some sensory bottles for Lew and he loves it. Of course, at just nine months, he can’t play with this. He’d eat it straight away! It’s best suited for ages 5 and upwards.

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Pros of Pluffle

Playfoam Pluffle is great for a number of reasons:

  • It’s bright, colourful, and kids will love it.
  • It’s not at all sticky or slimey.
  • It doesn’t dry out like other products on the market.
  • It doesn’t stick to anything – not clothes nor the carpet. Always a bonus in my opinion.

And the cons? Well it’s a bit messy. It really needs to be tipped out into a tray or some sort of container. We used seed trays which worked really well. Although B still managed to get bits all over. It reminds me of slime to be honest. It’s nice to play with and to feel it run between your fingers but you can’t make anything specific from it. I prefer it to slime as it doesn’t stick to anything.

playfoam pluffle from learning resources -boy playing and mixing foam

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Disclaimer: We were sent tubes of Playfoam Pluffle for the purpose of this review. Opinions are our own and honest.

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