10 Time Saving Tricks for Your Elf on the Shelf

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10 Time Saving Tricks for Your Elf on the Shelf

Hey hey and welcome there! How are you doing? All ready for Christmas? Nope, me neither. But I am starting to think about that pesky elf again. Only a few weeks now and it will be back out. Have a little look in this post though for some really simple ideas to use.

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Raid your sweet stash!

elf stuffing his face with chocolate - elf on the shelf trick

Decorate the tree!

Super simple. The kids will love this mischievous trick.

elf on the shelf christmas tree tricks

Toilet roll tricks

Roll your elf down the stairs or wrap him up. Picture courtesy of The Gingerbread House.

elf on the shelf rolling down the stairs


This is an easy trick to play on your little ones. Perhaps use a school book. It may encourage them to read it too!

lazy parents mum mom ideas for elf on the shelf reading

Bathroom tricks

These tricks are simple and don’t take a lot of effort. Perfect if you’ve forgotten to do anything elaborate or simply can’t be bothered. I.e me!

elf on the shelf in the bathroom - tricks to play using toothpaste

Bag tricks

Pop your elf in Mum’s bag, or perhaps your child’s school bag. Image thanks to Paper Heart Family.

elf on the shelf hiding in mummys handbag - easy ideas for toddlers

Shoe Tricks

Tricks using boots or shoes are easy ones to play and recreate. Pop elf in your child’s shoes or perhaps make a shoe train!

elf on shelf shoe train trick with animals and teddy bears

Toy tricks

Have your elf play with your child’s toys. Alternate toys every other day to mix things up.

elf on the shelf building towers using lego blocks

Food Tricks

Sit your elf up for breakfast or dinner. Or perhaps have him raid the cupboards for snacks!elf on the shelf stealing cakes

Arty Tricks

Cover your elf in stickers! This is super fun and super easy! or get your elf to draw your child a picture. Photo thanks to The Gingerbread House.

elf on the shelf drawing a picture for child

Do you have any other simple ideas? It can be tough to come up with 24 different tricks to play throughout December! But hopefully these ones give you a few ideas! And then there’s always a few days where elf is tired and forgets to move!

Let’s see what those pesky elves get up to this year! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter! And pin it for later and share with those parent friends who need some help and inspiration!

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