‘Discovery’ digital walkie talkies review and giveaway

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‘Discovery’ Digital Walkie Talkies Review and Giveaway

I don’t know about you but my son absolutely loves anything to do with exploration, the army, police, camping, spying, survival – generally being outdoors and going on “missions”. So when we got to review these Discovery walkie talkies, we were excited to try them out!

And what’s more exciting is that we’re giving a set away to a lucky winner! Go check out the competition running on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Enter all three for additional entries!

What are Digital Walkie Talkies?

These are lightweight walkie talkies that the kids can use when out and about. In fact they are handy for the whole family! B absolutely loves playing around with walkie talkies. Even if it’s just in the house. He runs upstairs, we stay downstairs. Hours of fun.

Walkie talkies work by using radio waves to communicate with each other. They’ve been used for years, mainly by the military and police. They are great fun for kids to play with though.

'Discovery' Digital Walkie Talkies Review

What Makes These Walkie Talkies Special?

One massive plus is the huge range – up to 3km. Which is pretty impressive to be honest. We’ve had a few sets in the past and they tend to be a bit dodgy even between the back garden and B’s bedroom. The range is great though and we had no problem getting a good signal for clear conversation. They work just fine from B’s den to the house!

den in garden

Another exciting addition is the night light and belt clip. These are great features if your little ones are out exploring and want to attach the walkie talkie to their trousers. And the night light is great for using as a torch if you’re camping or out and about in the dark.

How Do They Work?

To get started, your walkie talkies will need 3 AAA batteries EACH. So stock up before Christmas!

Want to make a call to the other handset? Press the call button. To speak, simply press the talk button.walkie talkie close up of buttons and handset in a garden

Hold the set about 4-5cms from your mouth when you speak. B has an awful habit of holding it up to his mouth, making the sound just awful!

Fun and Games

Although you can have a lot of fun just messaging another person from a different room, there are actually loads of different things you can do with your walkie talkies to encourage play. Play hide and seek, role play games, use coded messages when making calls or build a camp and pretend you’re on a secret mission.

'Discovery' Digital Walkie Talkies Review - in box and the handsets

Over and Out!

These walkie talkies are light but super robust – just perfect for little people who have a tendency to drop things. The range is great, the buttons are intuitive and easy to use. These walkie talkies would make a great gift for kids this year. They are suitable from ages 4 and upwards which sounds right as I imagine B may have gotten frustrated when he were younger.

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Disclaimer: We were gifted these walkie talkies. Our review is honest and opinions are our own.

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