Mr Tumble “Something Special” Learning Pad

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Mr Tumble “Something Special” Learning Pad

Hey there and welcome. It’s been absolutely manic at the moment. I’ve been thinking about Christmas, planning my return to work, and also doing some keep in touch days – in Austria! Cue an out of date passport and a trip to Newport. Argh!

I’ve loved my time of with Lew. The last nine months have been the best. It took me a while to settle into maternity leave with B. But this time around, it’s felt much more relaxed. We walk, we play, we eat. The days are pretty relaxed. So today, we bring you a little review of the Mr Tumble “Something Special” Learning Pad. Now technically it’s designed for ages 2 and upwards but trust me, Lew loves it!mr tumble something special learning pad - baby playing with buttons

What is the Mr Tumble Learning Pad?

It’s essentially an interactive toy that looks and feels like a tablet, featuring the well known Mr Tumble! And who doesn’t like MR Tumble? The well known character from CBeebies.

There are six activities for your little ones to play, or they can of course just press the buttons. The games focus on colours, numbers, shapes, letters, instruments and characters from the show. So it ticks all those early learning boxes and can be used to introduce your little one to the basics. 

The screen responds to your touch. Press a button to hear Mr Tumble speak. Listen to the instructions and press the correct buttons when playing the games. Easy peasy.

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Develop Those Skills!

If your child doesn’t want to play the games, that’s fine. They can simply press the pictures to hear fun sounds and various facts. The different activities are great thought for developing number and letter recognition. I always remember when B started to count to ten. I was so proud!

The learning pad also helps with number and shape recognition too. Win win!

mr tumble something special learning pad - baby playing

Encouraging Learning

This pad is great for encouraging learning in a fun and interactive way, where you can sit and play with your child together. Yes, Mr Tumble’s voice is fairly loud but fortunately there is an off button! The on/off button is right on the front of the tablet so Lew did keep hitting it – hello Mr Tumble, goodbye Mr Tumble, hello again, goodbye. Argh!

Lew is only 9 months so yes, he absolutely needs my support when playing with this toy. He can mash the various picture buttons to hear sounds, and he’s happy with that for now. I can see this being great though as he gets older and he can start to play more independently.

mr tumble something special learning pad gift guide and review tablet

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Disclaimer: We were sent this learning pad for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own and honest.


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