7 Super Easy Elf on the Shelf Arrival Ideas

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7 Super Easy Elf on the Shelf Arrival Ideas

It’s that time of the year again – yep, the dreaded elf on the shelf. Love him or loathe him, kids across the world are obsessed with their bloody elves. The craze has well and truly taken off in the UK now too. So today we’re sharing a few ideas for welcoming your elf back into your home. How does your elf typically arrive? With a gift, with the advent calendar, floating in on a balloon?!

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Host an Elf Breakfast

If you have time, set up a cute elf breakfast for when your child comes downstairs on December 1st. Pop a few decorations out, perhaps some festive napkins, and of course some yummy food. You don’t have to spend ages on this. Take a look at for elf breakfast ideas here – image thanks for Glitter on a Dimeelf on the shelf arrival breakfast idea - table laid out for breakfast

Write a Letter

What better way to say hi than to write a letter to your child. You could perhaps even remind them to be on their best behaviour over the next few weeks!  This arrival letter idea from Paper Heart Family is cute and easy to replicate.

Float in on a Balloon

That’s right, have your elf float into your home on a helium balloon. Choose something festive and tie him to the end. Easy.

Add him to your Advent Calendar Reveal

We simply place our little elf with the advent calendars. When B comes down to breakfast on Dec 1st, he is back, with everything you need to get December off to a flying start!

Image thanks to Jada at Unique Young Mum!

elf on the shelf arrival with letter

Use Elf Decorations

You can buy so many accessories now. Perhaps use the little door stickers and have your elf appear from his new “home” for the month of December!Image thanks to Ankle Biters Adventures.elf on the shelf arrival door

Deliver a Gift

Perhaps have your elf arrive with a gift for your child. As if they don’t get enough though through December!

Start With A Trick

Why not have your elf start as he or she means to go on?! With a good old trick!

elf on the shelf christmas tradition

What elf on the shelf ideas do you have? Will you embrace this fairly new tradition in the UK or do you go all out?! Some of friends go mad with tricks! I don’t have the energy each night! Follow us on social for a few elf antics! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

super simple elf on the shelf arrival ideas


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