5 Games You’ll Want to Play this Christmas!

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5 Games You’ll Want to Play this Christmas!

Hey and welcome to the blog. It’s been a busy few weeks with loads of Christmas blog post planning. And a welcome kids free weekend! That literally never happens! So what do I do with my time? Yep, blog. And today we have a wonderful selection of family games to show you. These would make fab gifts this Christmas for the kids, and they’re fun for the grown ups too.

Doodle Doo

If your child is anything like my son, they may well be obsessed with all things toilet humour. Anything to do with pee, poo and pants gets the thumbs up from B. So Doodle Doo by Tactic went down a storm in our house!

doodle doo board game by tactic games

The concept is so easy – can you draw your way out of your animal’s insides while blindfolded? Each player takes a board which is basically a drawing of an animal and it’s route from mouth to bum. When it’s your turn, pop on the blindfold and attempt to draw your way to the rear end. Each time your pen hits the side, the other players squeeze the whoopie cushion. You then start from where you left off each time. The winner is the person who finds their to the bum! It’s silly, it’s fun and it’s super simple. No complicated instructions that take an age to read through. Buy Doodle Doo here.

doodle doo board game - boy playing

Junior Alias 

Junior Alias is another Tactic game which got a big thumbs up from us. The concept is very easy – you simply pick a card and explain what’s on that card without using the actual word. So for example a dog – you would say “it’s a pet, it goes woof”. Even if you’re little ones can’t read yet, they can still play as it’s picture and word based.

alias board game - in box

B really enjoyed this game once he’d understood that he doesn’t just need to describe the actual picture on the card! Buy Junior Alias here.

alias board game - playing with cards and pieces

Take N Play Anywhere Magnetic Game Tins

Back in September I attended my first blogging conference. – BlogOn Toys. And it was here that I got to play with these fantastic little games – Take N Play Anywhere Magnetic Game Tins from Interplay. If you’re a family who travels a lot then these are the perfect gifts for you this Christmas. These handy games come in square tins which are magnetic. This of course means there is less chance of losing the pieces! They are ideal for popping in your bag to keep the kids entertained wherever you are.

There are 7 games to choose from – Hangman, Bingo, Noughts and Crosses, Draughts, Chess, Go Fishing and a simple matching game. These retail at £7.99. What a fab idea! And perfect for stocking fillers!

take and play interplay games range for christmas

OjO Shape Factory Geometry Board Game

If you’re looking for a game that ticks the learning boxes then take a look at the OjO Shape Factory Geometry Board Game. This game is great for little ones just getting to grips with their maths. It’s suitable from ages 4 and upwards. Players need to work together to build shapes shown on the card they pick. Other players are then tasked with guessing what the shape is.  Lots of fun that compliments learning too!

OjO Shape Factory Geometry Board Game in box

Seekers Starter Kit

Another game I got to play with at the BlogOn Toys conference was this very cool magnetic scavenger hunt. The idea is simple – when out and about exploring, take your board and “tick” off what you find. The boards are magnetic and waterproof, and the kit comes with 12 reversible magnets. The starter pack has everything you need and there are loads of add-on packs you can buy. So for example things to find at the beach or while out shopping. Perfect for keeping kids entertained!

seekers stand at the blogon toys conference

Do your kids love board games? I love this selection because they aren’t your classic “board” game. They are fun, innovative and a little bit different from the same old. I love the fact that all of them can be equally enjoyed by the adults too. We had a right giggle playing Doodle Doo.

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LEGO Brand Retail

Be sure to pin this list so you don’t forget what you want to buy before Christmas! Oh and follow us over on social for more recommendations, giveaways and fun this Christmas: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

5 board games for the family to play this christmas

Disclaimer: We were sent some of these games to include in this gift guide. Having played them though, as well as the games at BlogOn, I can confirm they are lots of fun and would make fab gifts!


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