6 Educational Gifts Your Kids Will Want this Christmas!

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6 Educational Gifts Your Kids Will Want this Christmas!

Hey there and welcome to the blog. Today we’re rounding up some of our favourite STEM toys, or STEAM or STREAM depending on what you include! Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths and even Robotics! B loves anything that fits into these categories. These types of gifts are always fun, yet educational. A win win in our house! And some other Christmas posts you might enjoy, include: 40 Consumable Gift and Stocking Filler Ideas! and 24 Zero Effort Elf on the Shelf Ideas!

Letterbox Lab Subscription Sets

If your struggling for unique gift ideas for kids this Christmas then check out Letterbox Lab. The concept is super simple – science experiments delivered to your child through the post. And who doesn’t like getting post?! Even as an adult it’s exciting to get a parcel.

letterbox lab subscription box review

These little kits are fantastic because they come with everything you need to do your own science experiments at home. There’s no worrying that you haven’t got the right equipment. Everything you need is included in the box. We received the Explore Box. Cost is £10 per month and you can cancel the subscription at any time.

letterbox lab subscription box review - box open with contents

In this box, we had everything we needed to conduct three experiments all about colour and light. The instruction booklet guides you through exactly what you need to do. These experiments are ideal for B’s age (6) and he’s learning, while enjoying play time.

Flexible, fun and educational gifts, straight to your door. What’s not to like?!

OjO Games and Toys

In this guide, I’ve included two fantastic sets from OjO. OjO develop toys and games which promote the main STREAM skills. They have four new games open for investment through the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform until 25th November 2019 – find out more at Kickstarter here.

The new games include Space Rescuers, which focuses on our solar system and the impact of space waste; Robot Workshop which provides an introduction into the world of robotics; Dino Age Journey which explores paleontology, as well as Food Battles which looks at the human body and healthy diet. I know B would love any of these games! Below we feature the Mars Mission Kit and the Geometry Shape Factory.

OjO Mars Mission Kit

If you’re looking for gifts which will tick all the STREAM boxes then the range of OjO toys and games are for you. OjO have loads of games designed to cover science, technology, robotics, engineering, arts and maths. B absolutely loves building things so we had to feature this set which sees him put together his very own mission to Mars. They’ve been studying space at school so this is ideal.

Ojo mission to mars box - for Christmas gift ideas

The kit has everything you need to create your own Mars space station and a rover to explore your planet. You can even change the rover into a rocket!

OjO Shape Factory Geometry Board Game

This game is great for little ones just getting to grips with maths. The game is simple – players work together to build images out of the shapes. The other players then guess what the shape represents.

OjO Shape Factory Geometry Board Game in box

B has covered loads of different shapes at school so this set will see him put that knowledge into practice. This game is suitable for age 4 and upwards.

Junior Alias – Family Board Game

If you’re looking for a game that’s going to help little ones with their vocabulary and learning then this game ticks those boxes. Junior Alias is super simple and easy to follow. Players pick a card and then need to explain their picture without saying the actual word. So for example if your card showed a cat, you may say “a common pet. Goes mioaw”.

alias board game - in box

B really enjoyed playing this game and used a number of actions and hand movements as well as words! Ideally you need four players, in two teams. Little Lew is too young to play (9 months) so we simply swapped between B with mummy and daddy. That worked well enough. It will definitely be a game we get out at Christmas though with the cousins.

Beaker Creatures from Learning Resources

Beaker Creatures re fun collectibles which need extracting from their Reactor Pods. There are loads of different sets to choose from, all varying in terms of what you need to do to reveal your little creature. We review three Beaker Creature sets in this post. Identify the creatures using your classification cards and continue to use your science equipment for more fun experiments.

beaker creatures science stem learning fun with learning resources

Orchard Toys Rocket Game

We bought this game at a car boot sale during summer. It’s a fun, educational matching and counting game. And the most exciting thing for B? It’s space-themed! It’s super easy to play – just spin the wheel and pick one of the cards. The aim is to build your rocket vapour trail, aiming for the most vapour loops! Festive, family fun, all for under a tenner.

Does your child enjoy these types of toys? Are you planning any STEM gifts for the kids this year? Do you have any other recommendations? Follow us on social for more gift guides and ideas! ! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

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Disclaimer: We were sent some of the items to include in this gift guide. Opinions and thoughts are our own and honest.

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