Fingerlings Untamed Dragons Review – Perfect “Pets” for Christmas!

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Fingerlings Untamed Dragons Review – Perfect “Pets” for Christmas!

You know how your children just love to go on about getting a pet for either Christmas or their birthday? And the idea fills you with dread? Or perhaps it’s just me. We have four cats so we have plenty of pets to tend to and care for. But I still get the nagging “Mum, I want a dog/guinea pig/fish this Christmas”! Well, look no further mums and dads because today we review a toy which is sure to trump any ideas of pets!

Let me introduce you to SHOCKWAVE – One of four Fingerlings Untamed Dragons.

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Dragons Untamed – What are They?!

Fingerlings Untamed Dragons are interactive “pets” that will become your friend…or foe! They’re fierce, feisty and come complete with a ferocious roar. So watch out! There are four to collect in the series – Shockwave, which we reviewed, Freezer, Venom and Wild Fire.

Each dragon has special sensors on their head and spine, and react depending on what you do with them. If they’re angry, they will be sure to let you know when their jaws light up with glowing colour. Our little cutie, Shockwave, glows a wonderful blue when angry!

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Tame or Tease Them!

To play with your pet dragon you need to interact with it lots. They respond to touch, sound and motion. Stroke it’s head to tame it, dangle it upside down to annoy it. It’s up to you!

fingerlings dragon shockwave sensors on spine and back

And if you want to hear them fart…(what six year old boy doesn’t ey?), simply press the back of their neck. Shockwave makes a noise but I’m not sure it sounds like a fart?! But then I’ve never heard a dragon fart!!

Stuff you Need to Know

These devilish dragons come secured in a pack which is simple to get into. It’s secured in place by a few wires which you can undo by twisting. You won’t need any batteries as they come ready to go. This is nice because there’s nothing worse then having to hunt around for batteries on Christmas morning!

Boy playing with shockwave untamed dragon toy

These dragons are aimed at children 5 years old and over. B is six and enjoyed playing with Shockwave. He carries him around the house and loves to show him off to Lew. Who is a little taken aback by this light up creature! Lew is only nine months so we will let him off.

Have you seen these interactive dragon pets? I can see why they’d be at the top of kid’s Christmas lists this year! B has enjoyed playing with his since he arrived! Anything interactive gets a thumbs-up from B. He really enjoyed playing with Juno, an interactive elephant. 

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Disclaimer: We were sent Shockwave to review. Our thoughts are honest and our own. He’s a fun little chap!

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