SpyX Micro Gear Set Review – The Perfect Undercover Gift!

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SpyX Micro Gear Set – The Perfect Gift for Kids this Christmas! 

Picture the following…your child is six years old and they’ve spent the last year dreaming of becoming a super spy. They steal your phone to use as a walkie talkie, and you’ve spent hours reading “secret” notes left around the house. Well your little one doesn’t need to pretend anymore! Today on the blog we’re reviewing this amazing SpyX Micro Gear Set! It’s the perfect gift for any child who wants to spy on their friends, siblings and grownups! And what six year old wouldn’t?!SpyX Micro Gear Set review box

What’s Included in the SpyX Micro Gear Set?

This spy surveillance kit includes an invisible ink pen, a motion alarm, a micro listener and a spy light. Perfect for all your spy mission needs. And each gadget attaches easily to a very cool utility belt.

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My son literally LOVED the utility belt. He tried it round his waist and across the shoulder, preferring the shoulder. Looks how chuffed he is!

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Gadgets Galore!

The invisible ink pen is very cool, comprising pen, decoder light and even a section for paper. Although I found out B has been drawing all over his Marvel wallpaper! You can’t see anything until you shine the light across it, revealing moustaches, beards, laser eyes and random writing! It’s actually pretty funny !!

The motion alarm is exactly that. A small alarm that can be concealed to protect whatever your child decides. It sounds depending on motion and vibration. B loves hiding this behind doors and on top of my mobile phone! Yes it is loud. Yes it is annoying! Yes he absolutely loves it!

The spy light is a bright orange light which can also be attached to the ear for hands-free action. And the micro listener is exactly that – a small device used to detect sounds. B says he wants to place it on his teacher’s desk so he can listen in to conversations with his friends. Cheeky!

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Spy Games

B absolutely loves this set. To say it’s gone down well in our house is an understatement. The minute he gets up, he puts his utility belt on. I’ve had to tell him he can’t really take any of the gadgets to school. It’s almost half term and what does B want to do? Yep, play spy games with me. This little set has kept him amused for hours. And the secret pen has actually encouraged him to do some writing and reading. He’s been a reluctant learner since starting school so any opportunity to get him interested is a win here.

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Stuff You Need to Know

This spy set is aimed at ages 6 years and over. I’d say this is fair because some of the clips are a little fiddly and I can see that it would have frustrated B if he were younger. The micro light is also very bright. Definitely not something you want them shining in their eyes.

B loves using his imagination and playing games that revolve around super heroes, goodies, baddies, spys and armies. This set is just fantastic for that type of role play.

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spyx micro gear spy set in box

Disclaimer: We were sent this set for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own and honest. B loves this set!

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