24 Non-Toy Gift Ideas and Alternatives for Two Year Old Children

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24 Non-Toy Gift Ideas and Alternatives for Two Year Old Children

As much as I love Christmas, the thought of getting MORE toys fills me with dread. We have so many already. And not enough space. Moving house in the new year is not an option. Asking for alternatives to toys as gifts is! So here is a round-up of our non-toy gift ideas especially for two year old girls and boys. Be sure to add your ideas in the comments too. And pin for later here!

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Character Clothes

I know it’s a bit boring for the child but they don’t really realise they’re getting clothes until about 3 years! Once they get to age 2 or so, they know their characters. B used to love anything with Thomas the Tank Engine on or Paw Patrol!


You can’t go wrong with a pair of jim-jams.

Dressing Gown

Once they are toddling about, dressing gowns look so cute and snuggly on little ones.


Also useful, especially if you have hard floors.


Essentials for potty training!


Books are great any age to be honest. Lew loves the hardback ones like the “That’s not my” series. And even B still enjoys reading them to his brother at age six.

A subscription to Soft Play or a local farm

Have a look at your local soft play, farm park or zoo. See what annual membership they offer. This is a gift that is handy all through the year.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons would make a great gift for any parent keen on taking their toddler to learn this useful skill!

A Photo Shoot

If you haven’t had any professional photos taken with your little one, perhaps a photo shoot gift would be fun!

Tickets to the Theatre

Have a look at your local theatre and see what’s on. The playhouse in Weston often has things like In the Night garden and Milkshake live. Great for kids.

Cinema Tickets

And don’t forget some popcorn too! Now your baby is a toddler, they may well be able and willing to sit longer than five minutes!

Bedroom Decor

So think lamps, lava lamps, teddies, cute cushion covers or perhaps a whole bedroom makeover?

A Duvet Set

These are handy if you are moving your toddler to a cot bed or regular bed.

Balance Bike

At age two plus, your little one will probably want to be off on their own bike. Try a balance bike. They are supposed to be easier to transition from to a normal bike later on.

Art supplies

Hmm possibly a “toy” gift but I’m more than happy with pens, pencils, rubbers, stamps and glue. We use them all year round.

Sticker books

Again, a useful gift that’s handy for taking to a restaurant or keeping little ones busy when bored.

Personalized Growth Chart

Now your little one is up and about, start documenting their growing. You can get so many cute growth charts online.

Bath Crayons

Always a winner!

Sponges and Flannels

Useful and perfect for stocking fillers.

Character Towels

If your little one is a Peppa fan or barking mad for Paw Patrol, a themed towel can make a great gift.

Bubble Bath

Another stocking filler essential.

Bath Bombs

B started to enjoy the fizzing of bath bombs when he was around 2-3 years. He now likes to chuck a whole set in! It can get costly!

Gardening Set

Thinking ahead to spring, these cute gardening sets are great for little ones.

Baking Set

And finally, phew, baking sets. Fab for baking with your child when the weather isn’t great and you’re stuck for things to do. I particularly like these ones from Messy Me!


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