Juno My Baby Elephant – A Review of This Must-Have Toy!

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Juno My Baby Elephant – A Review of This Must-Have Toy!

It’s not that long now until Christmas – yikes! Where did the year go? To get us feeling semi-organised about the festive season, we have a number of toy reviews and round-ups coming out in the next few weeks. To start us off, we review the very cute, interactive Juno  My Baby Elephant. Trust me, your kids are going to want one of these!

Juno my baby elephant in the box

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Who is Juno The Baby Elephant?

Juno is a baby elephant who will no doubt become your child’s best friend before we see the new year in. She’s cute, she’s very purple and she makes over 150 lifelike movements and sounds. She’s an interactive elephant that you can play with, feed, train to do tricks, pet and talk to.

How cool is that?!

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She comes complete with animated trunk, moving ears and tail, and huge eyes. Look how big they are in the photo above! You activate these parts by talking to her and stroking her head, trunk, ears and back. As she responds to your touch, she performs different tricks and makes various sounds.

And the more you interact with her, the more you discover she can do.

Boy playing with juno the baby elephant

Teach Her Tricks!

Juno the Baby Elephant comes with a couple of props to keep her happy – a mouse and a peanut. The trunk has a magnet at the end with means she can eat her peanut and play with her toy mouse.  My son uses the props to teach Juno a number of tricks such as dancing, singing, swinging her trunk and throwing her peanut. And don’t forget to touch and tickle her trunk as she will swing it around and make trumpet noises.

boy playing with juno the baby elephant and the peanut

New Best Friends

When you first get Juno out, she may seem a bit shy. The more you tickle her ears and play with her, the more her personality shines through. B really loved playing with her and making her giggle. He found it brilliant when she launches her peanut through the air! We had to be careful that it didn’t fling off and hit baby Lew in the face! B has this tendency to play with toys right in front of Lew, and well, at 8 months, anything small (aka LEGO) is not ideal!

About Juno

Juno My Baby Elephant is suitable for kids aged 5 and up. And I’d say this is a fair age because B is six and he was smitten. His cousin is nearly ten and she also loved it. Probably more!

If you’re buying Juno as a present, be sure to include four AA batteries too. collage of juno my baby elephant review photos

Although Juno looks like she is aimed at girls, my son absolutely adores her. He made her a bed out of blankets and tucked her in on her first night! She has a lot of playability – is that even a word?! What I mean is that there are plenty of things you can do with her – new tricks to teach, new songs to discover and more sounds and giggles to hear. B loves Juno My Baby Elephant and his cousin loved her too. She is fun, cute and the perfect substitute for a pet this Christmas!

Have you seen Juno? Is she on your kid’s wish list this year?!

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DISCLAIMER: We were sent Juno for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own and honest. 

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