7 Super Easy Halloween Rock Painting Ideas 

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7 Super Easy Halloween Rock Painting Ideas 

I got into painting rocks a year ago after finding some beautiful ones decorated with napkin paper. I’d had a go at “painting” in the past with my son but never overly enjoyed it. Fast forward a year and I often paint rocks to relax and unwind. While listening to a few podcasts – fave podcast list here. Today I’m sharing some of our very easy rock painting ideas for Halloween. You do not need to be a budding Picasso to decorate rocks!

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You can’t go wrong with pumpkins. Honestly! I use orange spray paint to first cover the rocks and then a black POSCA pen to draw on the face. They are pricey but they are so worth it!


My son helped me draw the faces on these ones. Spray with varnish to seal them once you’re finished and you’re ready to hide them!

Halloween rock painting ideas that are super easy – pumpkin designs

I absolutely love Posca pens.


We love spray painting stones white and then drawing on creepy skeleton faces. These are so easy to do! Even Daddy made one!


Napkin Paper

I am a bit obsessed with napkins. Never to use for afternoon tea but to simply decorate rocks with. And it’s so easy to do. Cut out your design, peel away the thin layers of napkin so you are left with the patterned one. Then use PVA glue (the stuff you used to use at school!) to stick the paper on the rock. Use a paintbrush to smooth down the edges, covering the whole napkin with glue. I also use my finger to work out wrinkles.

And let them dry. Once dry, apply a coat of varnish. I use yacht varnish or a spray can. Just make sure it is suitable for outdoors.


Temporary Tattoos

A bit like napkin paper, I discovered that temporary tattoos work really well on rocks. First I spray paint them white. I then apply the tattoo as you would to skin using a damp sponge. And the slide off once ready, leaving the tattoo neatly attached to the rock. Again, use a varnish before you hide them.

They look fab and my son LOVES making them this way.



This simple design is super cute and so easy. You do not need to be an artist at all! Spray or paint your rocks white. Once dry, draw on the eyeball. We used different colours to draw little squiggles on each eye.halloween-rock-painting-ideas-posca-pen-eyeballs

Ghastly Ghosts

Ghosts are another really easy Halloween rock painting idea. Simply paint or spray paint your pebbles white. Then use a black pen to pain on a ghost face! Easy but they look really good!


Halloween Doodles

I’ve been obsessed with making strawberries out of some triangular shaped stones out the front of our house. I spray painted a few too many red though and got bored of strawberries.

Instead I opted for some simple doodles – bats, cats, ghosts and ghouls – using metallic pens.


I also simply wrote BOO on a few. I used black and white POSCA pens, as well as a silver acrylic paint pen.


Have you tried rock painting? Search for your local rock and pebble painting group on Facebook and see what’s hidden in your area. My son loves hiding and finding them. And he is so happy when he sees that someone else found his rock!

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