How to Get Sh*t Done as a Busy Mum – 9 Tips

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How to Get Sh*t Done as a Busy Mum – 9 Tips

I’ve always been a fairly organised person. That would definitely be one of my key skills. Becoming a mum though adds a whole new dimension to the concept of “organised”. All of a sudden the things you thought you were juggling, pale into insignificance. You’re now responsible for a tiny human being, as well as all your original to-dos. Then add a second kid to the mix and, well, where do I start?! Although I now have two kids and four cats (and a husband!), I’m still fairly organised. I manage to keep the house relatively clean and tidy, I still blog, I walk loads, I do the food shopping in person, I watch a lot of Netflix, I listen to loads of podcasts and I’m obsessed with rock painting. But how the heck am I fitting it all in? Well today I’m sharing a few tips and takeaways.

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Write a LIST

My number one for keeping organised is list writing. I have lists for literally EVERYTHING. From food shopping to household chores, as well as things related to the kids. If it’s on a list, it typically get’s done. It also means I can…


Yep – hand off some of that list to your other half. If it’s on a list, he does it too. Typically Mr D takes care of the bins, taking stuff to the tip/charity shops, mowing the lawn, getting stuff from the attic, or putting stuff back up there.

Plan the Night Before

Pretty much every day now is planned the night before. I even have a “week” list. I note down the days and what I have planned. Even if it is in my Outlook calendar, I still write it down. I keep these lists on the side in the kitchen and check them each day. Little things like post a card or pick up loo roll will be on there. And then more important things such as book a vet appointment or walk B to school. It’s not because I’ll forget to walk him, it’s more that I know that at 9am I’m on the school run. I’ll then pick up whatever in the supermarket and then after say 10am I am free to crack on with whatever else I have down for the day.

Break Tasks into Chunks

If you have a LOT of large tasks on your list, I recommend breaking them down into managable chunks. So for example, clearing out the garage is a BIG task. Break it down into smaller to-dos. Split your garage up – garden stuff, tools, kids toys. And then the next section – sort out kids toys to keep or sell/give to charity, tidy away tools, finally take that pile of junk to the tip.

The same applies to the home. So even for the kitchen, I break it down into smaller tasks that I can do when I have a minute between cooking/sorting the kids. So utility room – tidy and chuck recycling out. First sideboard, clear any clutter. Second side, take fruit out of bags, tidy. If you just task yourself with “clean and tidy the kitchen”, the thought is pretty mammoth. Tackle one sideboard or area at a time.

Theme Your Days

I started doing this for a few aspects of my life -namely cleaning and blogging. I have themed days. So for example, Mondays I try and tackle the downstairs hoovering. Tuesdays are the bathrooms. For my blogging, Mondays I schedule social media for the week, Tuesdays I flesh out some new content ideas. This way, whatever happens on those days, even if you get ten minutes or two hours, your focused on a task.

Stop Procrastinating

Just do it. Stop questioning your decisions to clean the bathroom or sort out that drawer. Just crack on and do it. I really try and stop myself procrastinating now because it just wastes more time. In the minutes it takes me to talk myself out of doing whatever, I could have just done it!

Get of Your Phone

How much time do you spend checking Insta, Twitter, FB and your email…AGAIN? And you only checked it five minutes before? Yep, this was me. I’m so done with the time I waste on my bloody phone.

Marks and Spencers - US

Double Up Where You Can

If possible, double up on tasks. I walk B to school when it’s dry. This is ticking my exercise to-do, as well as getting B to school! I also listen to a podcast on the way back. This means I learn something or get to listen to something Walking with the pram is also quiet time for Lew. He loves watching the world go by.

Also think about short bursts of exercise you can do if you find it difficult to fit that in. I do ALL the time but I’ve been trying to do some weights when Lew is on his play mat. He loves watching me lunge and jump about. I also do squats while I brush my teeth. I know it sounds bonkers but it’s two minutes!

Make the Most of Naps

Lew naps typically once or twice a day for at least an hour. It’s amazing what you can get done in that hour! Prioritise to get the things done that you absolutely can’t do with your baby. So for example, washing bottles and emptying the dishwasher are tasks I can get done with Lew. I move the bouncer into the kitchen, we sing songs, I unload. Job done. Putting washing away upstairs? Again, this can be done with Lew while he is chatting to me in his cot or lazing on my bed (this will change when he is mobile).

Basically do the things you want to do in that hour that you can’t get done with a little one – so writing that blog post, reading a book you’ve been meaning to, bleaching the loo – whatever it is.

How do you manage your home? Any tips to share with me? Join me over on social and don’t forget to pin this for later too. Other organisation posts you might like too: 12 Amazing Lego Storage Tips, Ideas and Hacks! and Online Learning – Free Courses You Can Start NOW!


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