12 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Babies!

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12 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Babies!

Let’s face it, if you have a baby, you really don’t need to go mad when it comes to gifts. For Christmas or for birthdays. The temptation is always there though but think practically about what would benefit you and your little bundle of joy over the next few months. Another “baby’s first whatever” will just end up in the charity shop pile.


Today we share with you a list of X gift ideas that are not toys. Trust me, you’ll get loads of toys from friends, family and neighbours. You might also like these gift-related posts:

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Books are a great age 1 gift idea because there are so many lovely ones out there. And you’ll find they will last for a long time. Even now B loves the “That’s not my” series.

A subscription to Soft Play or a local farm

Have a look at your local soft play or farm and see what annual membership they offer. This is a gift that is handy all through the year.

A Baby Sensory or Music Lesson

Have a look and see what classes are on in the local area. A doing gift is always great because it creates memories!

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons would make a great gift for any parent keen on taking baby for a few lessons. Puddle Ducks, Turtle Tots – there are a few in our area.


I know it’s a bit boring for the child but they don’t really realise they’re getting clothes until about 3 years! Clothes are always welcome here.

A Photo Shoot

If you haven’t had any professional photos taken with baby then perhaps consider a photo shoot.

Tickets to the Theatre

Have a look at your local theatre and see what’s on. The playhouse in Weston often has things like In the Night garden and Milkshake live. Great for kids.

Feeding Equipment

Your little one will no doubt be exploring solids so anything like bibs, cute cutlery sets and sippy cups make lovely gifts. These colourful knives and forks make great stocking fillers:

A Passport

It sounds silly but they are expensive! If you’re planning on a holiday abroad next year, why not get the grandparents to gift a passport?

Art Work

I love some of the art you can get on Etsy these days – family names, trees and your child’s name.

Nursery or Bedroom Decor

So think lamps, lava lamps, teddies, cute cushion covers or a fun mobile? You can get so many personalised items too – door signs, toy boxes, book shelves.

A Savings Account or ISA

It sounds boring but what about a savings account and ask people to contribute to it? It will come in handy one day.

What ideas do you have for Christmas and birthdays for babies? I’m so done with more toys! Other posts you might like, all about Christmas and kids, include: Christmas with a Toddler – What to Expect! and Baby’s First Christmas? What it was REALLY Like!


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