3 Reasons Why We Love Using the Dreamgenii® SnuggleRoo Baby Carrier!

3 Reasons Why We Love Using the Dreamgenii® SnuggleRoo Baby Carrier!

3 Reasons Why We Love Using the Dreamgenii® SnuggleRoo Baby Carrier!

Hello there and welcome to the blog. It’s been a busy few weeks as we get well and truly into the summer holidays. How are they going for you? Have you had enough yet or still enjoying having the kids home? We’ve done a mix of days in, days out and holiday time. So it’s been fine really. We were away last week down in Cornwall. Looe is one of our favourite places to visit. We stayed at Trelawne Manor, which we actually reviewed a couple of years ago too. It’s a lovely park, close to the places we love.

There are also a few National Trust properties to visit en-route to Cornwall, as well as in the county. And this is where the Dreamgenii® SnuggleRoo Baby Carrier comes in. It was bloody brilliant for carrying Lew around the houses. Typically you can’t take prams inside so having a carrier is a must with a baby.

Today we’re sharing our thoughts on the Dreamgenii carrier. We’ve tried a number of carriers with Lew so we were excited to try this one.

What is the Dreamgenii SnuggleRoo?

If you have a little one then it is very likely you either used a baby carrier or considered using one. Trying to get anything done with a baby can be a challenge. Slings and carriers can prove super handy for, well, freeing up hands!

dreamgenii baby carrier review

Baby wearing wasn’t something I embraced with B. I just didn’t feel confident. With Lew though, I really wanted to give it a go. And honestly, I wish we’d used the Dreamgenii sooner!

The Dreamgenii SnuggleRoo is a super soft carrier which can be used from birth, right up to 12 months. Or dependent on the weight of your little one. Lew is now six months and over 22 pounds. We’ve been carrying him front facing and he’s really enjoyed nosing at the world. Note B in the background trying to get the swords off the wall! Oops!

dreamgenii baby carrier review - carrying 6 month old baby

The carrier is made of really soft fabric and it is easy to adjust to fit you and your baby. For me, one of the most important things to look for with a carrier is ease of use. The Dreamgenii ticks that box.

Have a read to see what else we really like…

Things That Make a Carrier Great

  • Ease of use. The Dreamgenii is super easy to use. It is literally one piece of fabric, connected by straps in the centre. Have a read of the instructions to get going. We had a play around first using Woody!

dreamgenii baby carrier review

  • Grows with your baby. The Dreamgenii is a great carrier because it works from birth, up to 12 months. You don’t need to buy any other carrier. The material criss-crosses over meaning it can be used for holding your baby close and inwards – so perfect for newborn. And then as your baby grows, you can move them to outward facing and hip sitting positions. Right now, we’ve used the forward facing hold.

Lew sits really well in the fabric and is comfy when carried around. I really love holding his hands as we take a look at the world around us. Or the cat!

dreamgenii baby carrier review

The Dreamgenii carrier has been designed to follow  the International Hip Dysplasia Institute guidelines on safe hip positioning. This means the baby’s hips fall or spread naturally apart to the side, with the thighs supported and the hips and knees bent.

  • The carrier stores itself. Yep, that’s right, the middle band that you wrap around for additional support actually converts into a handy storage bag.

dreamgenii baby carrier review of folded bag

Product Info You Need to Know

OK so a few things you need to know. Here goes…

This carrier is completely adjustable and is suitable from birth up to 12 months. In terms of weight it recommends a minimum of 3.6kg and a maximum of 15kg. Lew is six months and we use it forward facing.

The support band doubles up as a storage bag for the carrier.

The fabric is soft and 100% cotton. It is also machine washable on a cold wash. Handy for any front-facing pukes and dribbles! Here are a few pictures of us getting to grips with the carrier before using it on our holiday.

dreamgenii baby carrier review - baby six months

Have you tried baby wearing? What do you look for when considering a carrier? Share your comments here or with us over on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

3 Reasons Why We Love Using the Dreamgenii® SnuggleRoo Baby Carrier!

Disclaimer: We were sent the Dreamgenii® SnuggleRoo to review. Opinions are our own and honest. We really love this carrier! 

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