9 Essential “Back to School” To-Dos – Plus a Free Checklist!

9 Essential "Back to School" To-Dos - Plus a Free Checklist!

9 Essential “Back to School” To-Dos – Plus a Free Checklist!

Hey there and welcome to the blog. I’ve been lame with keeping a consistent writing schedule. Summer and parenting are far more important right now! I have been trying to get ahead with back to school stuff and today I’m sharing a list of to-dos and essentials for busy mums. What would you add?

Also, grab our handy checklist here – Back to School Checklist, and don’t forget to pin it for later too!

back to school checklist and essentials for busy mums


Start sorting through it now. What do you need? What still fits and can be reused? Also remember that September is often still warm. B loves wearing his shorts for as long as possible. If you do need new uniform and need to order specialist tops and jumpers, do so sooner than later.

Bags and Backpacks

For a few years B used his book bag which we got free at the start of reception. He is bored of this now and to be honest it is on his last legs. He has his eye on a new minecraft bag!

If you don’t need a new bag, be sure to clear out the old one, give it a wipe and store it away for a few weeks.


The same goes for lunchboxes. Do you need a new one or can you use your old one? Make sure you give it a good clean before putting it away for summer.

Read here for lunchbox tips and ideas for fillings. And want to make a cool Bento-style lunch? Read my Bento tips here.

9 Essential "Back to School" To-Dos - Plus a Free Checklist!


Did they get any? Or any huge projects that need completing over the summer holidays? If so, start it now and get it done ASAP. The last thing you or the kids need is homework on September the 2nd. For ideas on reading with your child over the summer, have a look here.


If you’re child is at primary school in KS1 or reception, you wont need anything. If they are older then yes, you get to take them stationery shopping! I used to love buying new stuff as a kid!

Hair Cuts

Does your child need a hair cut? This is one thing to do sooner than later. We use a mobile hairdresser who comes to our house. I text her, book her in and we are all done. No more waiting around at the barbers.

childs haircut

Label Everything

Be sure to put a name label on pretty much everything from uniform, shoes, bags and lunchboxes. I love those pre-printed name tags you can buy online – My Name Tags. They are washable and tumble dryer safe and they have lasted us ages. Saves writing names on everything or god forbid, SEWING !

Get Organised with Dates

Have a quick look through your diary or calendar and make a note of key dates. When are they back, when is half term? Are there any inset days? Get organised now.

Sort out Care

If you need to, have a think about before or after school care. Especially if you have a child starting reception. Our school run a breakfast and after school club and it’s been great for when we are both at work. Some clubs accept childcare vouchers too.

What are your essentials? Do you get prepared before the holidays start, or leave it all until the last minute? Don’t forget to pin for later and comment below with your tips too!

9 Essential "Back to School" To-Dos - Plus a Free Checklist!

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  1. Ahh man, to have a mobile hairdresser around here would be totally awesome! I can’t stand going to get my hair done. It’s really annoying when I have to keep three kids entertained as we wait too.

    These are great things to check off as everyone gets ready for a new school year.


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