My Baby Doesn’t Sleep Through the Night and that’s OK

My Baby Doesn't Sleep Through the Night and That's OK

My Baby Doesn’t Sleep Through the Night and That’s OK

If you’d told me I’d have a six month old baby at the start of last year, I wouldn’t have believed you. But here we are, almost six months in to our journey with baby boy number two. And it’s been a wonderful, whirlwind of emotions. From pure happiness, relief and joy, to sheer exhaustion, anxiety and tears. I guess that’s what comes with pregnancy and motherhood. You can read my birth story here, and my experience of having a c-section at St Michael’s hospital in Bristol here.

Today though I’m going to talk about sleep and those first few weeks when you feel like every baby in the whole wide world is sleeping except yours. My first baby didn’t sleep through the night until ten months and, well, who knows! And I’m going to tell you why I’m OK with that.

“Good” Baby?

First up, I’m so done with the “is he a good baby?” question. I had this ALLLL the time with Lew and it really peed me right off. What on earth do people mean by a “good baby”? I can only assume they mean “does he sleep well?” as they’d often follow up with that question when I gave them a blank stare.

Let’s get a few things straight.

He is a newborn baby. Fresh out of the warmth and comfort of my womb. He has no concept of night and day. So yes, he sleeps loads. Through the night? No. He has no idea when night is.

Using the voksi baby nest - review

“Oh my babies slept through from day one/two/insert some other bullsh*t stat”

I find people (typically older) LOVE to go on about how their babies slept through the night. And would you believe, from the very first night at home. I’m sorry but this is absolute bullsh*t. First up you probably didn’t leave the hospital for days. And second up, it was ages ago. We have a funny way of cancelling out all the “hanging out of our @ss” memories. I certainly did or I wouldn’t be sat here with a second!

So maybe you did get lucky and your baby slept from 7pm to 7am from day dot. Great for you. I don’t need to know though. Especially when I just told you I was up all night. Save the sleep bragging!

baby sleeping in nest

Babies Change

All the time.

When you think you have sleeping cracked, something goes tits up.

Try not to stress though because everything with kids tends to be a phase or new stage. When they are so tiny, there are so many things that can impact their sleep – teething, illness, too hot, too cold, growth spurt. The list goes on and it will have you second guessing everything forever.

Try and Stick to a Routine

The one thing that has worked for us is a pretty good routine. Ours typically plays out as follows: Jon puts Lew in the bath around 6pm. He then gets him in his PJs and sleeping bag, feeds him and puts him down. We also use white noise – the MyHummy bear which we reviewed here. It’s really good but if you don’t want to splash out, an iPad app or YouTube will work.

Routine doesn’t mean we never leave the house past 6pm ever again either. It just means that Lew can expect this to happen most nights. Things change though when we are on holiday or if we have something social planned.

myhummy white noise teddy bear for sleep promotion and settling

Are you struggling with sleep at the mo? Don’t worry, it does get easier, then harder, then easier. I find with all things to do with parenting, it is very much ups and downs! Be sure to join us over on social for laughs and whatnots. Oh and don’t forget to pin this for later.



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