7 Reasons Why I Love the Newborn Baby Stage

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7 Reasons Why I Love the Newborn Baby Stage

We are firmly out of the newborn baby phase now. And we survived. Just! There are loads of things I really don’t enjoy about that particular phase. The sleepless nights, recovery after a c-section, settling into a new routine. But when I take time to reflect, there are plenty of things I DID enjoy. Especially second time around. So here goes, today I’m sharing with you the things I loved about having a newborn baby again. I’m sharing with you the reasons why the newborn phase is just great. Don’t wish it away. Before you know it, they’re crawling and that’s a whole new ball game. For other newborn posts, check out my newborn truths here, and my experience of having a baby at St Michael’s hospital in Bristol here.

Be Lazy

Right now you have the perfect excuse to do absolutely diddly squat. You just grew a tiny human being and gave birth. If ever there was a time to allow yourself to be lazy, now is it.

You Don’t Need to Worry About Clothes 

Having a newborn is exhausting. Your hormones are everywhere and some days you don’t know if you’re coming or going. I didn’t feel guilty at all for mooching about the house in my joggers and a jumper. PJs, joggers and dressing gowns are standard wear for the first three months right?!

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Catch up on Films and Box Sets

This goes hand in hand with the lazing about in PJs. Now is the time to watch those films and box sets you’ve been meaning to.

All the Cuddles

Enjoy those newborn cuddles and snuggles in those early days and weeks. Lew is five months now and he only really naps well when I put him down in the cot. I miss snuggling on the sofa and holding him, asleep in my arms.

Nighttime Feeds

OK so I don’t overly miss the sleep deprivation AT ALL but there’s something quite nice about sitting up with your baby, snuggled, feeding in the middle of the night. It feels like you’re the only one awake in the whole world. This of course can have the opposite effect whereby you end up feeling stressed, lonely and depressed (with baby number one I found this hardest). But take heart, it does come to and end and it definitely gets easier. Well at least I’ve found. As one thing gets easier though, something else gets harder. Parenting is swings and roundabouts.

Using the voksi baby nest - review

Lack of Routine

This can go either way but the newborn stage is great because you really don’t need to worry about any sort of routine. Just go with what your baby needs and when. I found with both my boys they slot into their own routine as they got a bit older.

All the Love

When you have a baby, everyone wants to see you and shower you with kindness. Yes the visitors can get a bit much, and don’t be afraid to say no. But honestly, I loved showing both my sons off to all my friends and family. It was just the best feeling.

How do you feel about the newborn stage? Love it or loathe it? It is all over so quickly. I can’t believe he is five months already! Follow us on social for parenting fun, tips, stories and calamities.newborn baby phase

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