22 Baby Changing Bag Essentials Which You Might Not Have Thought Of!

Baby change bag essentials you might not have thought of

22 Baby Changing Bag Essentials Which You Might Not Have Thought Of!

Hey there lovelies and welcome back. I’ve been a bit absent from the blog over the past couple of weeks. And it hasn’t been all down to having a new baby around. I don’t know, I just haven’t felt like it. Instead I’ve done a lot of walking, resting, cooking and general chilling. We had a nice break in Cornwall too at Widemouth Bay, and a fun day out at The Milky Way. But today I’m back and I have a list of change bag essentials which all parents should have a look at. And it’s not just the same old nappies, wipes and a change of clothes. There are a few things here which have certainly come in handy when we’ve been out and about. What are you’re change bag essentials? Do you have any to add to this list?Baby change bag essentials you might not have thought of. What to pack for your baby - beyond diapers and wipes.

The Obvious Contenders

OK so let’s start with the obvious essentials. The “absolutely cannot leave the house” essentials.

1 – Nappies. Regardless of disposable or reusable, if you have a baby or toddler then never go out without spare nappies, and then a couple more for good luck.

2 – Wipes. Another must-have for me. Wipes. I use them for everything from cleaning bums to wiping down tables and dusting the car. As the world is slowly starting to wake up to climate change, wipes are one of those items which I imagine will slowly start to vanish from our lives. A bit like the old plastic straws. There are a number of eco-friendly options out there already though.

3. A spare change of clothes. And then a second change of clothes, especially if you’re out for a whole day.

4. Muslin cloths. Muslins are great for everything really. From moping up vomitty spit to shading little one from the sunshine. Pop a few in your bag and an extra in the car. We love these huge muslin cloths from Ziggle. They are a great size and can be used as a muslin, pram cover or for swaddling.ziggle muslin cloths

5. Milk/Bottles. If you’re not breastfeeding then a must-pack are feeds. If we’re out for a day, I pack a few sterilised bottles and the pre-made Aptamil. Sure it’s more expensive but it saves on the hassle of trying to keep feeds warm or cold.

Bits for You

6. Hand cream is something I always pack. My hands get so dry what with constant hand washing after nappy changes.

7. Hand Sanitiser. This is great for using out and about if you can’t get to a tap to wash your hands properly. It’s never a substitute for hand washing but it’s useful to have as a back up.

8. Lip balm. I can’t go anywhere without a lip balm. My lips always seem dry the whole year round.room for bottles in changing bag - babycchinos

9. A bottle of water. You never quite know when you might need it! I’ve been walking to much with the pram lately and once I get to school for the pick up, I’m always thirsty.

10. A spare top for you. Sounds silly but the amount of times I’ve been sicked on! When B was a baby, I should have packed spared jeans too…read all about our Christmas Day and vomit calamities here!

Extras that come in Handy!

11. Tissues. I always need a tissue! My nose seems to run all winter and then I get horrid hay fever spring and summer. Tissues are always useful.

12. Spare carrier bags or nappy bags. I actually don’t usually use nappy bags. Not at home anyway as I just pop nappies straight into the black bin. However, if you’re out and about and the worst happens (pooplosion) then you’re going to want a spare bag to put in any dirty clothes or blankets. We had a huge pooplosions in Sainsburys and fortunately another mum had some nappy bags to give me. I was definitely not prepared for that level of poop.

13. A dummy/pacifier. I actually hardly ever pack this now as typically if Lew is crying he is either tired, hungry or teething. But in the early days I found a dummy soothed him if needed.

14. Bibs. We’re just getting to that dribble stage. And if you’ve started weaning then yep, you’ll need bibs!changing bag essentials

Seasonal Savers

Here are a few things that you definitely want to consider depending on the weather.

15. Hats. Woolly for winter, Sunny for summer. I keep a little cotton hat in Lews change bag all the time now. It’s tiny enough just to fold up and pop in the bottom. Just in case!

16. Sun cream. A summer essential.

17. Plastic bags/shower caps. Now this is a tip I read on a mum group on Facebook. If going anywhere muddy, take shower caps to cover the pram wheels in the car. What a genius idea! I guess sandwich bags or carrier bags would work too.

First Aid Favourites 

18. Paracetamol sachets. Depending on how the little guy is, I sometimes pack some calpol. Either the sachets or just a regular bottle. FYI, I don’t typically buy the brand “Calpol” – look out for supermarket own brands which are usually half the price.

19. Plasters. Not for Lew but for B! He is forever tripping over himself. We always need a plaster.

working away from your family homesickness

20. Antiseptic wipes. You can pick up a handy pack of these in any supermarket. You’ll find them next to the plasters. Again, these are more for B.

21. Bite and sting relief. You honestly never know when sting relief cream will come in handy. We’ve been out a few times now where B has been bitten. And last year our cream came in handy when a young boy got stung by a wasp during a round of mini golf!

22. Germolene or Savlon. Again, for B more than anything! It’s just handy to have out and about.

If you’re super organised, make a little first aid kit and keep it in the car. Great for when out and about.

So there we have it. Change bag essentials you didn’t know you needed. Any more to add? Come join us over on social for more parenting fun and mishaps – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

Baby change bag essentials you might not have thought of.

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