15 Skincare Tips and Tricks for New Mums!

Skincare Tips and Tricks for New Mums!

15 Skincare Tips and Tricks for New Mums!

Hey there and welcome to the blog you lovely lot. How are things going? We are almost four months in as a family of four. It’s been amazing! A whirlwind of emotions of course but I can’t imagine life without little Lew. Birth story here if you’re interested, and C-section packing essentials here! Motherhood certainly takes it’s toll on my skin though. I don’t know about you but my skincare routine kinda goes out of the window with little ones. Especially while I’m trying to establish a routine. And that’s why today I’m putting together a post with some handy skincare tips for new mums and a fab giveaway with Essentiel Vie. Essentiel Vie have a range of skincare products ideal for new mums and mums-to-be. We’re also running a fab giveaway over on our social media channels. To get your hands on a travel pack of Essentiel Vie products, head over to Instagram, Facebook or twitter!

Stretch Mark Oil

Essentiel Vie Anti Stretch Mark Oil feels luxurious on my skin, soft, gentle and doesn’t really have any scent. I’ve been using it for weeks now and my skin is super smooth!

Essentiel Vie Multi Purpose Anti Stretch Mark Oil

Keep Hydrated!

Emma at Happy Family Hub says –  “Make sure you keep your water intake up! Looking after yourself can be easily forgotten when you’ve got a new baby. Ensure you keep up your 2 litres a day plus and it will do wonders for your skin!”

I love the Essentiel Vie Hydrating Moisturiser. I’ve been using it for over a month now and it really is hydrating and makes my skin feel soft.

Jennie at Rice Cakes and Raisins states – “Invest in a night moisturiser if you can. They are a little heavier than day creams but work wonders on hydrating your skin through the night.” 

“Look for something very hydrating. The sleepless nights and reliance on caffeine will make your skin very dull and lacklustre so you will need to put that moisture back.” – Emma at Emma Reed


Beth at Twinderelmo recommends a tinted moisturiser – “Tinted moisturiser is a really easy way to put a bit of colour into your tired skin whilst moisturising your skin. Anything to save a bit of time and effort when you really don’t have the energy.”

Aloe Vera

Lisa at The Family Ticket swears by Aloe Vera – “Aloe vera based creams have worked wonders for me. Doesn’t have to be fancy but I swear it works a treat. Might want to invest in an under eye cream too!”

Hand Cream Heroes 

Victoria at The Growing Mum loves how useful hand cream is. “Pop a handbag sized hand cream in your bag. Very useful when you’ve forgotten to moisturise any part of your body before rushing out of the house.”

Anthea at Blue Bear Wood says “invest in a good quality hand cream and if it’s got a barrier built in all the better. Your hands take a beating with all the washing and cleaning up you have to do!” 

bloom magic birthday flowers review - hand tied boquet

Double Cleanse!

That’s what Jenny at Accidental Hipster Mum recommends. “Double cleanse! I know it’s a ball ache but I found I wore much more makeup when I bothered (because of the extreme tiredness) and normal cleansing isn’t enough. If you can’t face anything hard, get a cream cleanser you can use with cotton wool pads while you’re sat in bed, then after that wash your face with a gentle cleanser in the bathroom with water. After that, use a thick night cream to keep the moisture in.”

Nipple Cream

I haven’t breastfed Lewis but that doesn’t mean that this nipple cream hasn’t come in handy. It’s ideal for sore, cracked nipples but it’s also great for keeping any skin soft. It’s unscented and feels gentle and nourishing on my skin. As you’d expect, it is safe for your baby and you can use it for cradle cap and eczema prone skin too.

essentiel vie nipple cream

Back to Basics

Faye at Glossy Tots makes a good point! “Even though it’s really hard always take your make up off!”

Use a Muslin!

This is a new one for me but I get where Sarah at Arthur Wears is coming from here…! “Using a Muslin (yep, one of the kid’s is fine!) works as a brilliant natural exfoliater when you wash your face in the bath or shower. You can use it to steam and open up your pores to really get them clean and then rinse it in cold water and press it onto your face afterwards.” 

Have a Treat

Joanne at New Mum Fun recommends a treat. “If I manage to get someone to watch the kids for an hour it’s nice to treat yourself to a facial once in a while. Not only is it good for your skin but it feels like a holiday just to get an hour of peace while getting pampered! I like to get new mums a voucher for the beautician as a treat.” 

Get Your Vitamins

“Keep up with your vitamins either via diet or supplements. It makes a huge difference to everything from general health to skincare.” Becka at Mummy Yest 2014

Bassetts Vitamins Omega-3 + Multivitamins Orange Flavour Pastilles

Smoothie Magic

Carla-Marie at My Bump 2 Baby loves smoothies. “With lack if sleep and rushed meals it can be easy to forget your greens. I made (and still do now) a green smoothie each day with avocado, spinach, carrot and apple.” 

Sleep-in Masks

Rushed for time? Of course you are! Latoya at Pure Nourish recommends sleep-in masks for saving time. “Sleep-in masks are great as it means you have to spend less time in the mornings on skincare.”

LED Lamps

“An LED lamp for skin treatments at home can make a difference to your skin. It is especially good for acne and rosacea which due to hormones you can suddenly experience later in life.” Nadia at Scandimummy

Cucumber Cures

Terri from The Strawberry Fountain says you can’t go wrong with cucumber. “Pop a couple of slice of cucumber over your eyes and lie back and relax for as little or as long as you can, they are great for reducing the bags and puffiness of sleep deprivation and they are so cheap that it doesn’t matter if you have to take them off almost straight away and try again later.” 

And there you go. Fifteen skincare tips and tricks from mums, for mum. What else would you add? Be sure to join us on social media for more new mum tips, thoughts and woes! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Skincare Tips and Tricks for New Mums

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with Essentiel Vie.

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