Slings, Wraps and Baby Wearing with “It’s a Sling Thing”

review of its a sling thing hire for baby carriers

Slings, Wraps and Baby Wearing with “It’s a Sling Thing”

Hey lovelies. How is it May already and how do I have a three month old already? Crazy crazy. Three months have whizzed by and this time around I’ve done a few things differently. As with all babies, they are often different, but so has my attitude towards the whole parenting thing. I’ve felt a lot more relaxed. And confident to try new things. So today on the blog I’m writing about my experience of baby wearing and getting to grips with slings and carriers. I didn’t use a sling with B. I just didn’t feel confident and I didn’t feel that I had time to properly look into baby wearing and different slings available. It all felt a bit too much for me to be honest! I’d been overwhelmed enough with choosing a pram.

This time around I have carried Lewis in a sling. And it’s been super handy. I’ve been working with an amazing company, It’s a Sling Thing, the UK’s largest online sling library. And we’re offering readers a fab discount too – use MEANDB at the checkout to get 10% off hires and 8% off purchases!

review of its a sling thing hire for baby carriers

About It’s a Sling Thing

If you’re not sure where to start with slings and carriers then honestly, my advice, go chat to the lovely team at It’s a Sling Thing. They basically offer sling hire and advice. Instead of shelling out loads of cash on slings you may or may not use, you can try them out first for a small fee. There are literally loads of slings and carriers to choose from, depending on the age of your baby/child and what your requirements are.

If, like me, you’re not sure where to start then this is such a great service to tap in to. And the website is packed chocka with information and advice on the various types of carriers and slings, as well as sling safety. Have a read here for choosing a sling.

Free Consultation

If you’re a sling novice then it’s a good idea to take It’s a Sling Thing up on the offer of a free phone consultation. I had a chat and we went through the various different types of carriers, my specific needs and age of my baby. I was looking for something easy, that didn’t require too much faffing and which could be used out and about or around the home. They advised me on a number of different carriers to try. The consultation is great because it helped narrow down what would work best for me. There really are a LOT of different carriers and at first, it can seem a bit daunting, especially if you haven’t used any carriers before.

trying slings with its a sling thing - review

Sling Hire

Once you’ve decided on the sling or carrier hiring with It’s a Sling Thing is super easy. Choose the sling or carrier you want to hire and specify the number of weeks. You can rent carriers from as little as two weeks, or up to three months. All your return packaging and postage is taken care of so it’s easy to return your carriers after using too.

Also, don’t be afraid to reach out if you have any questions about the carrier you hire. If something really isn’t working out for you then It’s a Sling Thing will be able to help you out.

Slings for Newborns

Just before we had Lewis, we were sent a stretchy sling – the Lifft stretchy wrap.

I must admit, when opening up the box and looking at the instructions, it all seemed complicated and the thought of having to get to grips with something new was daunting. However, I was determined to try a sling this time around and I made time to sit and work through the step-by-step instructions. And I’m so pleased I did! Once I’d put the sling on a few times, knowing how to do it became super easy. Lew loves being carried around in it and it feels soft and secure for both of us. I’ve actually managed to get a lot of tidying done, as well as blog work!

sling hire with its a sling thing - stretchy wrap for newborn

There are a number of slings to try if you have a newborn and it’s worth having a chat with It’s a Sling Thing to see what would work best for you. Have a read here for more information on carriers specifically for newborns.

Slings We’ve Tried

Once I’d got to grips with the stretchy sling, I was sent three more carriers to try – The Mamaruga Zensling, the Integra Baby carrier and the Tula carrier.

My absolute favourite is the Mamaruga. It’s a great carrier – easy to get on, comfy for me and comfy for Lewis. The fabric is soft and stretchy, yet it’s a bit easier to pop on than the stretchy wrap.

reviews of baby carriers with its a sling thing

Have you tried slings or carriers? Did you feel overwhelmed at first? Or perhaps you’re a new mum and not sure where to start? Definitely have a chat with It’s a Sling Thing for some advice on how to get going with baby wearing. And join us over on social for all things baby and home at the moment – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

We’re on maternity leave and enjoying our time away from the office. It’s lovely to be there for my older boy too each day for school drop off and pick up.

review of its a sling thing hire for baby carriers

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post with It’s a Sling Thing. 

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