Eight Tips for Getting Through Pregnancy with Emetophobia

Eight Tips for Getting Through Pregnancy with Emetophobia

Pregnancy and Emetophobia

Hey hey, how’s it going? It’s no lie. Pregnancy and emetophobia are not a good match. They just don’t go. A bit like cruises and emetophobia. Or theme parks.

Deciding to try for a baby has been the single most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make in my life. Well, perhaps deciding to have a second after I knew that pregnancy made me sick first time around. Today on me and b I’m talking what it’s like to be pregnant and have a vomit phobia. If you’re not sure what emetophobia is, take a read here – being a mum with a vomit phobia.

Pregnancy brought with it such a mix of feelings and it really was a tough time for me. The day I found out I was pregnant, it was my 32nd birthday. I took a test in the morning and saw the second little line appear. For me it was a mixture of excitement and absolute dread and terror. What on earth had I done and what if I were sick? And it literally was insta-sick for me. That night I ended up with a pounding headache, achey body, sore throat – like I was coming down with flu. I think it was sheer stress and anxiety. And then for the next nine months, every day was a “what if I’m sick” day. But I DID get through it and I had a wonderful, happy little boy.

And I got through it again and now have a second happy little boy!

Eight Tips for Getting Through Pregnancy with Emetophobia

But what practical advice can I offer to any mums-to-be or women thinking about having kids, whilst dealing with the day-to-day challenges that emetophobia throws up. Ha did you see what I did there? Anyway….here are some of the things that really helped me through those longggggg 9 months.

Eating Little and Often

I couldn’t face large meals, especially in the first few months. Small meals, regularly through the day really helped.

Ice lollies

I did vomit. On the side of the m4 near Swindon. My husband has never pulled over on to the hard shoulder so quickly! After this incident, ice lollies were my saviour.

ice lollies for morning sickness

Support Network

I have a few good emet friends who were incredibly upbeat and positive, and a wonderful hubby who did a fab job at helping me through it all.

Be Honest

Being honest with my midwife and consultant and exploring every single option in terms of care and birth. This really helped me feel more in control.

Get Help

Taking up the offer of counselling throughout the pregnancy. Thank you NHS. Again, this really helped me offload some of my worry to someone other than my husband.

Don’t Over Google

Not over-reading and “doctor googling” – sometimes ignorance IS bliss and some things I just really didn’t need to read on and on about!

moses basket

Embrace It

Embracing pregnancy. I can’t say I overly enjoyed either time it but there are times I did and I look back fondly. My baby shower with B, meeting new people who I am proud to call friends and having my husband bend over backwards to do literally anything I needed! And he did second time around too!

Keep Busy

Keeping busy as much as possible. Throwing myself in to work, keeping on top of the house, enjoying time out and about. Basically not sitting around, procrastinating and worrying about stuff!

I joined a pregnancy yoga class when I was about 4 months pregnant. It was great because it helped me focus, helped me breathe and I made a best mummy friend there 🙂

So there you go, my tips for keeping (a bit) sane during pregnancy if you are also emet. What helped you? Or are you perhaps supporting a partner through pregnancy and emet? Please share away your tips in the comments or join us over on social: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

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Eight Tips for Getting Through Pregnancy with Emetophobia

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