Skincare Essentials for New Mums with Essentiel Vie

essentiel vie skincare for mums review and giveaway

Skincare Essentials for New Mums with Essentiel Vie

Hello lovelies, how’s it going? We are two months as a family of four. Where has the time gone?! It feels like yesterday that I was preparing for my c-section and heading off to Bristol at 6am. You can read my birth story here if you’re interested.

The last eight weeks have been crazy, and yet pretty monotonous and quiet – newborn truths here! There have been many moments of joy, and then some super lows. Like when B put slime in our bed, thinking it would be a funny joke. Erm no. I’ve found the lack of sleep tough as well. Even though mr D and I are sharing the sleep load, I find when it’s my turn to sleep, I just can’t switch off. And lack of sleep makes me feel so stressed.

I’ve also found recovery so much harder this time around. Pregnancy really has taken it’s toll on my body. And my skin! Which leads me onto our blog post today – skincare for mums. I found my skincare routine went out the window when B came along. I just didn’t have time. Well second time around, I’m making time. No matter how tired I feel on an evening, I’ve made an effort to properly cleanse my face. Today though we’re reviewing a wonderful range from Essentiel Vie – natural skincare products designed with mums in mind.

About Essentiel Vie

Essentiel Vie make skincare products which are completely natural – using only pure ingredients such as fruit extracts, essential oils and botanical ingredients.  And while I’ve been feeling run down and tired, that can only be good thing! I really want to nourish my skin if I can. We’ve been putting a few products to the test and we’re also running a fab giveaway over on our social channels – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

essentiel vie skincare for mums

Essentiel Vie Multi Purpose Anti Stretch Mark Oil

To be honest I’ve been VERY lucky with my skin. In that I haven’t acquired millions of stretch marks during or after pregnancy. Maybe because I’ve always used lotions and potions? Or perhaps I’m just lucky and have good skin? Who knows. Any stretch marks I do have tend to sit more on my thighs! The skin on my stomach is very soft though – almost thinner. I guess because it’s been so stretched ey. So using the Essentiel Vie Anti Stretch Mark Oil has been welcome. It feels luxurious on my skin, soft, gentle and doesn’t overly smell of anything. It feels like it is nourishing my skin, and that can only be a good thing.

Essentiel Vie Multi Purpose Anti Stretch Mark Oil

Hydrating Moisturiser 

Being a new mum doesn’t mean you have to compromise on skincare. If anything, cleansing my face and putting on a good moisturiser is me-time! I love the Essentiel Vie Hydrating Moisturiser. And after using it for a good week now, I can say that it really is hydrating. I haven’t been sleeping well at all lately (not Lewis’s fault to be fair) and my skin feels dry and dull. This moisturiser has perked it up a bit though.

essentiel vie hydrating moisturiser

Nipple Cream 

I haven’t breastfed Lewis but that doesn’t mean that this nipple cream hasn’t come in handy. Although it would be ideal for sore, cracked nipples, it’s also perfect for keeping any skin soft. It’s unscented and feels really gentle on my skin. As you’d expect, it is safe for your baby and you can use it for cradle cap and eczema prone skin.

I’ve found it great on parts of my hands that get super dry, from all the hand washing and using anti-bac gel.

essentiel vie nipple cream

Have you tried the Essentiel Vie range? To be in with a chance of winning a bundle of products, enter on our social channels here: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

essentiel vie skincare for mums review

Disclaimer: We were sent these products to try and review. All opinions are honest and our own!



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