Cloby Swaddle and Clips Review and Giveaway!

Cloby Clips make it easy to attach a muslin or toys to your pram. Keep baby shaded or entertained. These super strong magnets are practical and stylish!

Cloby Swaddle and Clips Review and Giveaway!

We’re coming up to five weeks as a family of four now. I can’t believe how fast it’s going really. I think it’s probably because I’m really tired and fudging my way through each day in a haze. I had a c-section and I’ve found the recovery a lot harder second time around. You can read my birth story here. I feel fragile, and the skin above the scar feels very tender and sore. I had a little Google, as you do, and apparently it is nerve damage. The skin feels like it’s sun burnt. So we will see how we get on really and have a chat with the doctor next week at the six week check.

As the weather’s been dry and sunny, well last week anyway, I’ve tried to make an effort to get out and about. There is nothing better for the mind than a bit of fresh air. It makes me feel better mentally and physically. We haven’t walked far. Just around the estate. But it makes such a difference to get out of the house. We’ve been trying out our new stroller – the Infababy Halo, along with these beautiful Cloby clips.

cloby swaddle and clips review

What are Cloby Clips?

We were kindly sent a pack of Cloby clips and a swaddle blanket from Hippychick to review. I have to say, the clips are fantastic! They contain two magnets, covered with a nice brown leather on one side and a grey fabric on the other side. They are reversible so you could either go with the leather or the fabric. To be honest, both look lovely.

cloby swaddle and clips review

These clips can be used for so many things. In particular I’ve been using them, along with the swaddle, to shade little L. We actually managed to get out the house when we had warm weather last week. I remember with B, we used to use hair bands and clips to try and attach a muslin cloth. This didn’t overly work as they’d ping off, and the muslin cloths you get at the supermarkets are fairly small compared to the one we were sent.cloby swaddle and clips review

Super Soft Muslin Cloths

This muslin is huge and feels super soft though. You can use it to swaddle your baby, use as a handy cover for the pram when out and about, or even use when breastfeeding.

Ways to Use Cloby Clips

The main way I’ve used these clips is to shade L when out and about with the pram. There are loads of ways to use these clips though. Use them to attach toys to the pram, shades and covers, as well as small bags. We’ve used them to attach toys to the car seat too.

cloby swaddle and clips review

You could also use them to hold your kid’s artwork on the fridge!

Have you heard of Cloby clips before? They are really useful and will certainly come in handy over the coming months.

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Disclaimer: We were sent this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and our own. 

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