Babycchinos Backpack Changing Bags – Ideal for Out and About!

Babycchinos Backpack Changing Bags - Ideal for Out and About! (1)

Babycchinos Backpack Changing Bags – Ideal for Out and About!

Hello lovelies and welcome to me and b. We are four weeks into our new lives as a family of four. And it’s going well I think. I posted my birth story recently, and we’ve been out and about with our new Infababy Halo stroller. Winning ey. Today on the blog we’re reviewing a new changing bag which we were kindly gifted from babycchinos. We’re also offering our readers 10% off any purchases using the code MAKETEA

babycchinos baby changing bag review

Getting out and About

We put the Grey & Blue Bear Tribe backpack changing bag to the test and we’ve been getting on really well with it. When it comes to changing bags, there are a few features which certainly make life easier – plenty of pockets and compartments, enough space inside for things like nappies, wipes and a change of clothes, as well as thermal pockets if you’re bottle feeding.  You also want something that has enough pockets to store your own stuff. For me that’s phone, wallet, keys, as well as things like hand cream, lip balm and mints.

We used a change bag with our first son and at first I found it odd to leave the house without a handbag. It was a novelty to take one of my old handbags out! And often I’d find I’d left stuff in the change bag or vice versa – so things like my lip balm or anti-bac hand gels. I think this is why I have so many pots of Vaseline and hand gel scattered between bags, and all round the house!

babycchinos baby changing bag review - while out with baby

Keep Your Hands Free!

Let’s have a look at what we like about this backpack change bag. For starters, it’s a back pack. Our last bag was a cross-shoulder bag. This worked well but I do really like the backpack as an alternative. It frees up your hands, where as the shoulder bag used to fall back around to my front. And of course one shoulder would take all the weight! I can see this backpack bag coming in handy once L is toddling about and I need both hands free for carrying snacks/toys and holding hands.

Loads of Space

Another plus with this bag is the internal space. There is plenty of room for everything I need. So nappies, wet wipes, two changes of clothes, plus all my own stuff. There is a handy thermal pocket with two bottle holders at the front of the bag.

babycchinos baby changing bag review - thermal pocket

There’s even a zipped pocket at the back where you can store a tablet or laptop.


A plus for this change bag is the pram straps, meaning you can easily hang the backpack onto your pram. We have the Uppababy Cruz pram and when the carrycot is attached, it’s actually difficult to get a lot in the under pram storage. It’s easier to hang the change bag off the front of the pram.babycchino changing bag on pram

Also included in the backpack is a clear wallet for storing your nappies, as well as a handy changing mat. This is ideal for changing when out and about. I prefer to put my own mat down on those changing tables in public toilets.

changing bag essentials

It’s also worth noting that the bag is waterproof and can be wiped clean. This is handy if you’re out and about and it starts tipping it down. Our old bag was made of a fabric, making it difficult to clean. In fact, when we got it out for L, some of the fabric had gone mouldy and it needed a few hot washes to get rid of it properly. So yes, wipe clean fabric is ideal in my opinion!

Fun Designs

One plus for the backpack is the cute fabric design! I love these little bears and the colours are lovely too. The hubby would use this backpack too without it being too feminine. Babycchinos have loads of different designs though, as well as faux leather if you want something without patterns.

babycchinos baby changing bag review - blue bear pattern

Overall we’re loving this new changing bag. It’s practical, looks cute and has ample space for everything you need when out and about with your baby. We’ll definitely be using this over the coming months as we get out more during spring. Oh and if you’re looking for things to do this spring, take a look at these ideas, most of which are free!

Babycchinos Backpack Changing Bags - Ideal for Out and About - a review

Disclaimer: We were sent this bag to review. All opinions are our own and honest. We love using it when out with L.

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