Our Review of the Infababy Halo Stroller!

What you need to know about the infababy halo stroller

Our Review of the Infababy Halo Stroller!

Hey there and welcome to the blog. We’re a few weeks into our new life as a family of four. And it’s going well. I think! We’re eating, we’re getting a bit of sleep. So yeah, winning. Kind of. Although I’m finding recovery from the c-section much harder this time. Birth story coming soon.

Today on the blog we’re putting the Infababy Halo Stroller to the test. It claims it is from birth and, well, we have a newborn! So the ideal time to try this out. We received this stroller for the purpose of this review. As always, our review is honest and opinions are our own.

First Impressions

The Infababy Halo stroller looks stylish and practical. It’s not super heavy and it’s easy to lift. It actually weighs around 7kgs. The height of the stroller is perfect for me too – I’m around 5,4 or 5,5. My husband is around 6 foot and the height is fine for him too.

The stroller seat reclines to lie fully flat – hence why this is suitable from birth. It also has a removable bumper bar and adjustable footrest.

infababy halo pram stroller review

This stroller came with the footmuff as well, and once fitted, it looks super snuggly inside, as you can see in the photos above. L is tucked up in his snowsuit as well.

Ease of Use

The main thing with any type of stroller, pram or pushchair is ease of use. This is literally number one priority for me when it comes to choosing strollers. Can I put it up and fold= it back down easily? And will it fit without any problems into the boot of my car?

Folding the Infababy Halo is relatively easy. You just need to make sure the brakes are on and then lift the catch at the back with your foot. The stroller then collapses in on itself, securing itself with a side clip. It’s worth noting that we folded and secured the stroller with the footmuff attached too. So no faffing about taking the footmuff back off.

infababy halo pram review folded pram

Another ease of use must-have for me is easy to adjust straps. Our old stroller had the most awful straps. I literally could never adjust them easily and in the end just gave up, leaving them on the loosest setting when B was older. Having tried the straps on the Infababy Halo, they are a dream! They are easy to adjust – to tighten and loosen. Literally makes life so much easier!infababy halo pram review five point harness

The straps then clip into the harness at the bottom, making this a five-point harness.


The Infababy Halo has a shopping basket below the seat. It’s a reasonable size – enough to get a change bag in or a few bags of shopping. There’s a smaller storage pocket on the back too which is handy for your phone, keys and wallet.

storage pockets on infababy halo stroller

And of course there is a handy viewing window at the back to keep an eye on your little one too.

infababy halo stroller review and photos - storage and viewing window


A great feature on this stroller is the canopy. It comes down to provide ample protection for your child. It’s worth nothing too that it has UV50 protection so ideal when the sun is out and you need some shade in the warmer summer months.

If you aren’t so lucky with the weather then the rain cover will come in handy!


The Infababy Halo says it is suitable from birth. We’ve tried it out with L who is coming up to 4 weeks old now and yes, he fits comfortably in this stroller. At first I wasn’t sure as he seemed so tiny but once the footmuff was on and we strapped him in, he was secured just fine inside.infababy halo pram stroller review

We go away at Easter for a week and I’m actually thinking we may take this stroller rather than our travel system. It literally takes up the whole car boot and the Halo would fit in neatly at the back of boot, leaving space for our suitcase!

What’s most important for you when considering a pram or stroller? Is it ease of use, size, comfort? The new Infababy Halo ticks all these boxes and we’ll certainly be using it more and more as spring starts and the days get a bit warmer!

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What you need to know about the infababy halo stroller

Disclaimer: We were sent the Infababy Halo Stroller for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are honest and our own.

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