Putting the BeSafe iZi Go Modular i-Size Car Seat to the Test!

Putting the BeSafe iZi Go Modular i-Size Car Seat to the Test - a review

Putting the BeSafe iZi Go Modular i-Size Car Seat to the Test!

So Lewis is well and truly here and we’re getting into the swing of things as a family of four. In terms of baby gear, we had a lot of the “stuff” from when we had B. You can find some of my favourite things here. One thing I wanted to update though was our car seat. The one we used for B is six years old, and well, car seat testing and regulations have changed a lot in that time. When BeSafe asked us to review their iZi Go Modular i-Size car seat, we were happy to do so. Today we bring you our thoughts on this infant car seat, as well as some tried and tested photos of little L on his first trips out into the wide world. Well, not counting the trip from the hospital – it was dark, icy and we just wanted to get home!

First Impressions

The iZi Go Modular car seat looks and feels solid. There is ample padding inside the seat to keep little one safe and secure, and the fabric feels soft to touch. We got out our old car seat to compare and straight away it’s clear that car seats have come a long way over the last six years. The iZi Go Modular has a five point harness, and the padding around the head area looks much more robust and protective compared with our old seat.

izi go modular isize car seat

Having lifted up the iZi Go Modular, it initially feels heavy. But after comparing with our old seat, it’s no different. The weight of this seat is approx 3.7kg, which, compared with other car seats, is about mid-range. I’m recovering from a c-section so yeah, anything heavier than a piece of cotton wool feels heavy at the mo. Over the past week, I’ve been lifting the seat from the ISOFix base and been getting on fine. That is two weeks post c-section.

The iZi Go Modular is suitable from birth and perfect for carrying little one home from the hospital.

baby in izi go modular isize car seat

Fitting the ISOFIX Base

You can use the iZi Go Modular with either a seat belt or an ISOFIX base. For the purpose of this review, we received the ISOFIX base to test out. In terms of fitting it, my husband did this, securing it to the points in our Nissan Qashqai. It’s a little bit of a faff to find the ISOFIX fittings but that’s our car, not the base. Once we’d located them, it was easy to click the base in place. You’ll know when the base is fit correctly as indicators show as green – so see below in this image.

izi go modular isize car seat - isofix base

As for getting the seat on and off the base, it is super simple. And I’m not just saying that. You simply “click” the seat on to the base and that’s it. To release, you pull the handle on the base closest to the front passenger seat, under the red/green indicator. You’ll know if the seat isn’t on correctly as the indicator will still show red.

izi go modular isize car seat - how to fit on isofix base

Our old car seat was quite a faff to get on and off of the base and I remember it being difficult to do so after having a c-section. With this one, it takes zero effort to get the seat on and off the base.

One thing to note too is that the ISOFIX base fits the next stage car seat too. So you don’t need to repurchase another base!

Travel System Ready

If you’re using the car seat as part of a travel system with your pram then using the ISOFIX base makes it very easy to click and go. We have the UppaBaby Cruz pram and we purchased the car seat adapters separately. This seat fits perfectly and we’ve been out and about over the past week.

izi go modular isize car seat - travel system with compatible prams

BeSafe are compatible with loads of the leading pram and stroller brands. Have a read here to double check compatibility.

i-Size Compliant

The iZi Go Modular is i-Size compliant which means a few things such as extended rear facing and additional protection using the side impact shock absorber (SIP+).

Maximum Protection for the Head

As mentioned above, there is additional cushioning in the head rest to provide maximum protection for your baby’s head.

besafe izi go modular isize car seat

At first I thought there’s no way L’s head would fit between these cushions. They seemed really big and bulky. But once we placed L inside the seat, he fit just fine. He was 8lb, 1oz at birth – so a regular weight. I actually feel like his head is really well supported between the cushions.

These cushions can be adjusted as your baby grows. You simply take out the extra padding.

Also note in the image above, the two shoulder straps have a magnet inside so you can easily hold them back and out of the way while getting your little one positioned into the seat. This is a really handy feature!

Five-Point Harness

The iZi Go Modular uses a five-point harness to secure your baby. It took a few goes to line up the clips but once you’ve done it a few times, it feels more natural.

izi go modular isize car seat - five point harness


L has been on a few car trips now and has been content and happy in his car seat. And what more could you want really. The canopy is really generous and great for pulling over when little one is sleeping or you need some shade. It’s worth noting that it’s not attached to the handle so you can keep the canopy up in or out of the car.

As your little one grows, you can remove the newborn inserts. So the head cushions, the wedge and body hugger cushions. This then gives them a bit more room as they grow.

Tips from BeSafe for Fitting Your Baby into This Seat

BeSafe sent me some handy tips and tricks for getting the best fit for your baby when popping them into their car seat.

besafe izzi go modular car seat tips and tricks for the best fit.

Keeping Warm with the Voksi Baby Wrap

You may, or may not be aware that any thick winter clothing shouldn’t be worn underneath the car seat harness. So things like snow suits and padded coats should be taken off before you travel. If you had an accident, the material will compress, meaning there is space between the harness and baby’s body. To keep L warm, we’ve been using the Voksi Baby Wrap.

voksi baby wrap for the izi go modular isize car seat

It has pre-cut holes which mean you can pull the harness through, rather than securing it over the top of the wrap.

voksi baby wrap for the izi go modular isize car seat - pre cut holes

It is suitable from birth, up until about 12 months and has been crash tested with the iZi Go Modular seat. Again, like the Voksi Baby Nest, all materials have been certified according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1. This basically means no nasties. You can read a bit more about Oeko testing here.

Have you tried the BeSafe range of car seats? What do you look for in a car seat when choosing? We’re getting on really well with this car seat and L is a happy, content passenger when out and about.

Putting the BeSafe iZi Go Modular i-Size Car Seat to the Test - a review

Disclaimer: We were sent this car seat, ISOFix base and the baby wrap to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own and honest. 


  1. Hi. Did you get the side impact attachment with yours? We bought our model 2 years ago it came as standard. A good feature I thought.

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