How to Get a Great Night’s Sleep with the myHummy Bear!

white noise for babies- review of the myhummy bear

How to Get a Great Night’s Sleep with the myHummy Bear!

So we had our beautiful baby boy a couple of weeks ago now. Time flies when you’re having fun ey, or navigating your way through life in a sleep deprived haze. Which is what we’re currently doing. And I’d expect nothing less to be honest. I didn’t sign up to motherhood because I value my sleep.

I’m finding it a little easier second time around though. I think with B, it was such a massive shock to the system. All of a sudden we went from lazy weekends in bed to 6am wake up calls. After three hours broken sleep. Yeah, it was tough. Second time around I feel a lot more relaxed about it. I know it’s not forever.

Sleep deprivation is hard though. And I never realised how flippin’ hard until we’d had our first baby. B was fairly fussy, gassy and everything in between. I’d find it really difficult to settle him at night. We found that white noise worked – specifically sounds that mimicked the womb – all that swishing and swashing, coupled with a heartbeat. As a new mum I’d try anything.

As a second time mum I’d try anything too! So when asked to review one of the myHummy bears, I jumped at the chance. Sleep aids are always going to be welcome when there is a newborn around.myhummy white noise teddy bear

What is the myHummy Bear?

The myHummy bears are soft, snuggly teddy bears complete with a white noise heart. As mentioned above, white noise was great for settling my first boy and I’d absolutely recommend using it for anyone starting their parenting journey.

myhummy white noise teddy bear for sleep

The myHummy bear comes with a five different white and pink noise sounds, all designed to make your baby feel calm and soothed.

There are two bear designs to choose from – the light grey Sweetheart bears and the darker grey Smartheart bears. There are then three bears in each range – mummy, daddy and baby bear. We’re putting the Sweetheart Lena bear to the test.

How Does the myHummy Work?

The myHummy bear is super easy to use. It comes with a removable heart which is where all the action happens. Have a read through the instructions as they tell you how long you need to press the heart to start, stop and change sounds and volume.

You can also work your bear from the mobile app. Yes, that’s correct, depending on the heart you choose, your bear can come bluetooth enabled so you can control everything from your phone. And the app is really easy to use. You can set the type of white or pink noise you want to play, as well as the volume and duration. All from your phone.myhummy white noise toy for babies

What we Love

Our Lena bear is packed with loads of features designed to help your baby sleep. Which means sleep for you too! Let’s have a look at some of the features which I particularly love, and which I think sets this white noise device apart from other options we’ve tried.

Sleep Sensor – The sleep sensor is great because it restarts white noise if your baby wakes or unsettles. This is handy because I find that L get’s restless if the room is super silent. Other white noise toys tend to end after a really short time. And I find white noise apps and tracks are also time-limited. There’s also a handy fade in/fade out programme so that the sounds don’t simply come to a harsh end. The last thing you need is to unsettle your little one again after they’ve nodded off.myhummy white noise teddy bear for sleep promotion and settling

12 Hours Playback – One thing that’s great with our Lena bear is that she plays for up to 12 hours non-stop. We haven’t needed her to play this long but by using the app we can program white noise to play until we anticipate L’s next feed. Right now we’re averaging around three hours between feeds at night.

The Travel Pouch – The myHummy bears come with a little portable pouch and attachment ring. I love this because I can see myself attaching it to the pram or car seat when out and about in the future. It would also be great for travel if we didn’t want to take the bear with us.

myhummy bear travel pouch

It’s all Washable! A massive plus in my opinion is that everything is machine washable. Because the heart is not fixed into the bear, it makes cleaning very easy.

Promote Great Sleep

I’m finding, and also found with B, that after a feed at night, ickle L is then up again. I know it’s early days and his days and nights are all around the wrong way, but by using white noise, I find it’s super useful for calming him back into the land of nod. And the myHummy bear is just perfect for this. We’re only two weeks in but I actually feel like I’ve had some quality sleep!

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white noise for babies- review of the myhummy bear for babies and toddlers

Disclaimer: We were sent the myHummy Lena Bear for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are honest and our own.

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